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August finds, iconic celebrations, new blogs, cool gadgets and fall fashion essentials all from around the web.

>>> YSL's Legend

Had the icon been alive, it would be his 74th birthday today (August 1). Much of the fashion world has gone deep into mourning when he passed away years ago but his influence and impact has surely not died. He's changed the face of women's wear and had given men an elegance unparalleled even up to now. To the man who believed that style is eternal, fashion people the world over praises him for such excellent talent, taste and passion for beauty. Happy Birthday Yves and may fashion wear one of your Le Smoking originals forever. illustration: ToonPool

I've been incredibly inspired lately by so much visual candy and people from the internet (Institution of Style is also a huge part of this) that I decided to finally open myself up to a personal, style-inspired diary. It does get deep sometimes but I make sure it won't be too personal that readers won't be able to relate. I also made sure it reads like humorous commentaries on fashion (especially over super smoldering model Sean O'Pry). Check out the great photography from and by friends, what I've been doing, my style and looks and the hundreds of inspirations I take from. Visit Salt now. photo of my watch: Lesley Choa for Salt


For August, GQ has always been about the comedy and humor. That's American GQ. Check out what German GQ has to offer. Nothing funny here I should say. A sexy, almost perfect Lindsay Lohan poses for the gentleman's magazine looking every inch a classy, modern pin-up girl. The colors are fantastic and the treatment of the photograph is dreamlike. Tt does feel like one warm afternoon when nothing else matters but Lindsay's adorable bathing suit. Oh forget about her court drama, it's time for some Lindsay loving now. photo:


Esquire magazine collected some of Fall 2010's best, impulse buying-worthy goods. One of them---among a dozen of perfect splurges---is this Hermes weekender. A man's bag should always be spare of fancy trimmings but never look like a dull paper bag. It should also serve him well, like a trusty assistant. But most of all, it should be worth every single penny. This bag is not a joke. Of course we know that anything Hermes is of the highest and premium quality of craftsmanship and material, so basically, even if this one bag costs almost (swallow hard) 10 grand, you know that even the chicest grand son would enjoy the pleasures of this beauty. Go on and knock yourself off with falling in love over a bag this perfect.

If you're complaining about music nowadays, the ones the radios play twenty times over a day, get yourself plugged in and clicking on one of the internet's best websites (for me). Potholes in My Blog
gives musically famished fans a taste of legit tracks for free. Who said great music comes with a price? Onra (a current favorite of mine) is here and other unpretentiously cool artists that don't sound like any of those we tire of listening on mainstream radio. Also, if you're not so much into those indie, kiddie stuff, I think this one's got you covered. photo: Theodore3

Wired magazine brings you Fridgepad, one of the iPads best companions to date. Made from aluminum with giant magnets on the back, it mounts the gadget in front of the fridge, allowing you the luxury of mobility around the kitchen. And while you play Iron Chef about your own kitchen, you could do just about anything else on your iPad far away from it. It's worth every cent and it costs $78.

Who said bow ties only come in soft materials? Check out what Mr. Talented has to offer for those of you who appreciate quirky style and fashion. The Dice bow tie collectoin comes in different colors, mostly in classic blacks and whites. Gamble with and in style and surely you'll win much following after sporting any of Mr. Talented's crazy cool ties. It's a bit pricey though but it wouldn't amount to the "ooohss" and "awwws" you'd get.

Friday, July 30, 2010

By now, everybody's heard of the movie Inception. There's probably a group out there who'd camp out cinemas everyday just to understand and dissect this year's most brilliant movie into tiny, comprehensible pieces. Because, seriously, it takes deconstruction to fully savor the beauty of this movie. And as I've mentioned before, this has to be my number one favorite of all time.

It's almost close to achieving a perfect movie status. But for those of us who take to the movies with an extra pair of eyes, the look and fashion also play major roles in any film's success.
Lo and behold, Inception not only delivers in the style department, but it established a new iconic style that generations after would surely reference to. Esquire magazine has an interview from behind-the-scenes with the movie's genius of a stylist/costume designer Jeffrey Kurland who's painful attention to detail, research and immaculate taste deserves an Oscar. Check out on Esquire, what he has to say about Sato's looks, the subtle differences amongst the characters' costumes and most of all, who the hell made those suits that Leo, Joseph and everybody else wore?


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

ROGUE Magazine August 2010
You know how people anticipate magazine covers (and of course, the people who are on it) like it's the only thing that matters? When it comes to ROGUE magazine, anticipations are always, most certainly met. It's actually a no-brainer for me anymore, because this is ROGUE we're talking about. If it's only just about covers ROGUE always has it...hands down. Whenever I look at the magazine it's as if you're seeing disciples of great taste at work and that impeccable standards would play as their only commandment. And it's not just perfect eye candy...It's a sleek smart read too which is also one big reason why they have such a following.

For their annual "Appetite Issue" a stellar, goddess-like Georgia Schulze-del Rosario bares just about enough to keep you hooked. It's Mr. Nicolas Lacson again who penned the cover story and the ultra talented Mark Nicdao taking to the lens. L.A. Consing Lopez---as always---does a flawless work at styling, making sure that the ladies look decent and extremely sexy. Calling it a fantastic job is such an understatement.

source: Facebook


Monday, July 26, 2010


The end of July is technically summer in the west and wet down east, but the best things about seasons like these are the flexible Spring clothes.

CREEP by Hiroshi Awai seems like a smart choice for weathers like Manila's. Despite the rains, it'll never hit freezing point here, so it's alright to whip out some cash on these ones cause I'm sure even in the coldest of January, they'd still look fantastic and relevant. Of course, up in the West, these clothes take to the back of the shelves for warmer weathers, but with a little bit of layering they could still make for cool Fall essentials.

I especially love this toggle coat in red. Combined with the khaki shorts and a salmon shirt, it reads rainy summers and crisp springs. For fall, a darker shade of khakis, thicker shoes and a thicker shirt would be just as handsome.

Check out more from the collection on Selectism

Friday, July 23, 2010


Campaign season is in full swing and there has been no other one out there that made me feel thirsty than this Fall 2010 advert of Louis Vuitton.
Gabriel Aubry reprises his role as LV man for the 2010 campaigns and this time, a stunningly handsome bag goes along with him.
I feel ashamed that I know so little about Louis Vuitton bag names, but this messenger (if that's what it really is) is just teasing all my senses---yes, it's talking to me and I like the way it sounds.
Anyone, please help me out. What is this Louis Vuitton bag? It's the best-looking I've seen in ages.



Wednesday, July 21, 2010


You know it's Bottega Veneta when it has the house's signature woven design on it.
And this pair of hi-cut black leather sneakers has that on the back. Well, aside from the fact that it's Bottega Veneta it's pretty handsome since it's simple and spare when it comes to detailing . Pair these with their Spring 2010 baseball jackets and nice jeans, a plain shirt and you'd pass for a poster boy of Bottega Veneta chic.

source: Highsnobiety


Monday, July 19, 2010


Alright, maybe I've underestimated this jet set style Frida had going on for Fall 2010...It's actually very nice.

Nikola Jovanovic and Raquel Zimmerman prove that such cultured style need not be of printed affairs and it's all because of Gucci's earthy colors and pieces reminiscent of the 70s. Well, I have to recognize how superbly Gucci this campaign is, with all the golds and blues and browns.
Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott did a great job.


A Brazilian in AmericaAren't we all going crazy over the stars and stripes of recent style? Robert Pattinson walks out of restaurants wearing his button downs open to reveal comfy grainy v-necks, channeling (according to GQ) Paul Newman elegance. JFK's influence still smooths over so much of today's cool essentials: boat shoes, khaki trousers, Converse sneakers. And who would not agree that the ultimate in comfort is a breezy, plain white tee? The stylish dress it up and down and all come out as impeccably good-looking men (and women). If there has been any time in our age that the world of fashion bowed down to great American style, it must be this season.
DETAILS magazine's June/July issue did it best, putting Americana as the theme of their issue with great stills from Anthony Cotsifas, great style picks from preppy classics to surfer-inspired garb to a truly All-American actor for a cover (Bradley Cooper). Editor Daniel Peres sums the season up perfectly saying "Never before has being 'dressed like Americans' been such a badge of honor." Most collections for 2010 did pick up on the utility and relaxed elegance of masculine American style. This is great for people like me who believe that style is all about a balance between looking good and feeling good. My cool cousins up in Tennessee take to worn-in Birkenstocks, faded, vintage-looking boot cut jeans and t-shirts that come in maroon, grey and white and they always look so relaxed and casual but never frumpy or disheveled. My late grandfather whom I credit most of my style know-how to has Ralph Lauren basics stacked up in all different colors, much like his son, Uncle Ed (who happens to be the father of my Southern cousins). It sort of runs in the family that despite our purely Filipino heritage, we admire and naturally dress for stylish American comfort.

Since the clothes have all been Americanized, editorials of late too dive deep into American fashion. Most interesting would probably be the rise of the handsome stunner, Arthur Sales, who's Brazilian blood and looks, somehow mesh perfectly with denim shirts and plaid pieces. Sales has been in demand this season, walking for a huge number of designers like DSquared2, Dolce & Gabbana, Corneliani, Armani and booking big campaigns like American Eagle. I've always been pretty amazed by these Brazilian models and I owe that to how Manila treats them. Here it's all Brazilian madness when it comes to campaigns and magazine covers. But what makes all these photos season favorites---aside from a new favorite model---are the colors, the clothes and the superb tribute to the elegance of Great America. photos: American Eagle ad (above) and Dean Isidro's Shoot with Sales (opening and middle image) from Male Model Scene

Sunday, July 18, 2010



Imagine those charming European streets packed with glued-together buildings, smooth brick roads and eco-friendly cars that you see on The Sartorialist folding up to form the sky and in between would be Ellen Page and Leonardo Di Caprio discussing the science of things...
It sounds like a dream, but it's not. It's a reality you see in a visual and plot-heavy masterpiece called Inception.
I sat through two hours of pure cinematic triumph, alone, jerking to brain damaging sound effects and clutching on to my poor bag for a grueling 30-something minute build up of an ending that'll surely win billions of reactions. Chris Nolan's latest project does not deserve that pretty high 84% grade on Rotten Tomato. Well, at least in my opinion. It deserves incredibly higher marks.

The last time I fell madly in love with a thriller was of Jake Gyllenhal's Zodiac. I promised myself after seeing that movie that I'd get me a DVD copy (an original) but I never got to. Now, if I don't get a copy of Inception I'd be damned! Basically, what makes it such a brilliant movie is that all the elements of a handsome film is there. The cast is a stunning story in itself: Leonardo Di Caprio takes the lead while an equally talented supporting group provide such wonderful chemistry. The way too dapper and glossy Joseph Gordon-Levitt had just solidified his star as one of Hollywood's next big thing (those non-gravity scenes are just haunting). Ellen Page plays an anti-Juno, anti-indie character perfectly that you would want to believe she's that girl in Inception instead of that girl shaking a burger phone. I have no words to describe Marion Cottilard cause she's like a goddess straight out of Hamilton's Mythology. A new favorite actor just has to be (well aside from Levitt) the British stunner, Tom Hardy who plays a role incredibly fitting for a man like him.

Chris Nolan is just superhuman. And I thought The Dark Knight was brilliant. Nolan, who almost single-handedly created the film plays director, producer and writer. That's most probably the reason why the movie's a success because he was able to keep his story as pure and as close to what he had written and envisioned in his head as possible. I was really blown away by how he's taken the power of technology to a whole new level of sophistication. The film spoils your senses, training it to believe that all other movies would be just as rich and fantastic as this one. The visuals are out of this world but strangely too realistic and that mastery over sound is amazing. Amazingly, for a film this serious you'd think that fashion would take a back seat, but it never did. Every single character in the film had amazing costumes that were strong on details, reflecting the movie itself. Of course, this movie's success would also lie heavily on its story. In the tradition of Renaissance literature, Nolan had indeed taken up on man's constant struggle between reality and fantasy, but what makes this movie special is how the age old theme takes place in new age cinema and story-telling.

I could go on raving about the sharp suits Di Caprio wore and Levitt's hair and the amazing aerial shots of Paris and those architectural masterpieces that they've shown 'till I lose energy, but if I di then I'd most probably be spoiling it. Bottom line is that this has been one of the best films I have seen in ages. It's so beautiful that it made me bite my tongue in pursuit of not crying (because the plot will hit everyone's hearts, even the coldest ones) and that RARELY happens. It'll leave you breathless and goosebumps would surely haunt you for a good ten to thirty minutes after the movie. As far as I am concerned Inception has marked a new beginning in film age and it would be incredibly difficult for the next films to topple this one giant down.

photo: Flickr

Saturday, July 17, 2010


High Hopes would be on the loop in my old and trusty iPod for about three weeks. After two days, I'd put it on again and do just about everything to its hypnotizing, feel good beat. There are those clubby sounding tracks that leave your ears drained and your brain reduced to a peanut, but this one is just pure magic. It puts you on a trance and it doubles the effect of a night out with the best of people and the best of drinks. This has got to be an ultimate escapist track and I want to marry it.
I've never been this mad in love with authentic music and this is all courtesy of my favorite local magazine ROGUE.


The Fall 2010 Sperry boat shoe collection offers a range of awesome colors, hues that are smart and handsome.
This one in deep red makes perfect sense for a season that is all about sober colors. It looks even better since it's made out of cool suede, and I guess that constitutes its rich-looking quality. The other colors are just as good, but this pair just got me bad.

source: HighSnobiety


Friday, July 16, 2010


Bottega Veneta's Fall 2010 campaign is quite a piece: it features the handsome Terron Wood (a good contemporary and counterpart of all-time favorite Garrett Neff) at an interesting angle as if blown by some strong wind.
It's black and white and it's one of the most effective campaigns I've seen so far. Great concept. Not my favorite of Bottega when it comes to the clothes, but this is enough to make me think twice about that Fall collection.



THE BIRD & THE BEE Interpreting the Masters
If there'd be one good thing that came out of the 80s (in my opinion) it'd be Hall & Oates. My mom loves this duo and when I played the CD once, she liked it. Of course, nobody beats the original especially when it comes to singing One on One, but it's quite rare to come across handsome revivals/covers. The Bird & the Bee did quite a fantastic job. They tweaked the songs enough to recognize it's original form and also breathe some present cool into it. I also love the fact that Inara George's voice registers as haunting and breezy that makes the songs a little less hyped up. For a change, grab yourselves a copy of the CD. Sure you could always download the entire album, but prizing it as a start of an awesome collection (cause it's just the FIRST VOLUME) is worth every single dime.

Put on replay: Private Eyes, She's Gone, I Can't Go For That

photo: Facebook



GQ August 2010

There came a time when Terry Richardson's pictures just made me sick. That was in September, when Richardson was all over the pages of important publications. After a much needed break, Terry Richardson reprises his role as one of the most humorous photographers of our time. GQ celebrates three of America's funniest men and who better capture their genius than Terry Richardson. On the cover is Paul Rudd, who really makes for a perfect, perfect GQ cover. I have always associated GQ with kick-ass humor---sometimes a little cynicism---and cool, cool guys. Paul Rudd is all that.

It's typical GQ sure, but it's a breath of fresh air (no offense Taylor Lautner), seeing Rudd's face on it. Terry Richardson too, of course, deserves an applause for his talent.

source: GQ


Monday, July 12, 2010


W Magazine August 2010

A perfect couple, the super handsome Jon Hamm and the extremely cool Rebecca Hall pair up for both W magazine's August 2010 issue and The Town, a film to be released on September. The movie, directed by Ben Affleck shows the two in a "complex" story of trauma and crime. Sounds pretty good to me, but what makes it exciting is the on-screen chemistry. I am a big Mad Men fan---though I stopped watching because of responsibilities---and it's mostly because of Jon Hamm's old Hollywood appeal that I've been looking for. Rebecca Hall, which I have only the slightest idea of, has the looks of awesome actresses. I guess it's her raw beauty that's most appealing. This issue, I will be getting. And it's also under the new editor, Tonchi.

source: W


Saturday, July 10, 2010


DETAILS August 2010
The Inception star lands a great cover for DETAILS magazine's August 2010 issue.
Promising and already exhibiting brilliant career choices, Joseph Gordon-Levitt deserves an interview and a cover for one of the world's coolest, smartest (in my opinion) magazines for men. I'm a big fan of Levitt and I am pretty much excited to see how he does in Inception which by the way has an awfully stunning cast: Ellen Page, Leonardo Di Caprio & Marion Cottilard.

Another plus for the issue would be its promising editorials with models such as Tyson Ballou and Arthur Sales.

source: DETAILS


Monday, July 5, 2010


Cool finds from around the globe and the web, all for this July.

>>>THE READ: ROGUE Magazine
Literally, a DIVINE cover. One of Manila's most prominent and sexiest ladies, Divine Lee graces the much-reviewed and well-acclaimed men's lifestyle magazine, ROGUE .
The magazine celebrates its anniversarry this month and this cover, shot by the master, Mark Nicdao, just sums the years up perfectly. Aside from the smart articles and the informative writings, ROGUE is probably Manila's classiest book to date. It's always so relevant, sexy without verging on vulgar and one---among a few---really masculine magazines. Others just pale next to it. Everytime I get a copy, it makes me feel like owning a well-loved and treasured vintage watch. Like my grandfather, giving me an aged Cartier Santos that's painfully so handsome and elegant and tells time perfectly. I'd never stop looking at my wrist and that's exactly how ROGUE makes me feel. Grab a copy of the magazine to hit Manila's newsstands this Wednesday.

Ransom by Adidas Originals

Thanks to High Snobiety, I've turned into one, hi-cut shoe fanatic.
Ransom by Adidas Originals The Valley (such a long and cool name) presents their Fall 2010 offering.

It comes in suede and has simple detailing which amounts to perfect seasonless wearing. Well, not really, but if the skies are clear and the weather's quite fine, this is a handsome shoe to sport. Khakis, drop crotch trousers, straight to skinny jeans would look wonderful with these pairs. It comes in gunmetal grey and cool black. The shoe laces too are great.


Probably one of this generation's most recognizable and---dare I say---handsomest faces, Sean O'pry celebrates his birthday on July 4, America's independence day.

Gracing bold-named campaigns like Giorgio Armani, Gianfranco Ferre, ZARA, Bottega Veneta and a whole lot more, male model's the face as he is called, represents that sort of different American male archetype. Which is probably why the guy is one of fashion world's most favorite models (currently number 2 after Karl Lagerfeld's favorite, Baptiste)

source: Design Scene

>>> KEEPING IT SHINY & NEW with Hard GraftFor obsessives like me, you know, those of us who are so keen on keeping our gadgets and books as bright and shiny like they were always new, cases like Hard Graft's E-Reader are perfect investments. DETAILS magazine calls it the sleekest out there which means its serious craftsmanship, materials and style would make damn sure your iPads and other E-Readers would be in safe hands.

>>> Campus Spirit: UA&P Style

Here in Manila, people dress up. And most of the time, the ones I see (meaning the ones that get publicity) are pretty much kids who dress inspired by Tokyo and London street style. It's great...

Another thing I've noticed is that these kids who come
from prestigious universities like the University of the Philippines and the Ateneo all have been featured on fashion blogs managed and owned by people who populate these northern universities.
In my case, I am a huge fashion person. I may not look the part but I really admire great style and perfect taste and it really bothered me how people who study in my school, the University of Asia and the Pacific, don't get that much attention. People would be surprised that down our city and campus, students go to class like it's a party or like they're attending and sitting front row at fashion week. Others--like me---are more relaxed and boast sensible style, like one of my favorites (left, Ivan Lim). Either way, University of Asia & the Pacifc (UA&P) is a pretty stylish university with a mix of cool, cool styles. Though don't take us the wrong way and think that kids at our school have no brains. This is just an appreciation of style.
That's why I created--- with a team of talented friends who live fashion and double as photographers and "spotters"---UA&P Style. It's a street style blog inspired by personal and international favorites (Jak and Jil, The Sartorialist, Streetfsn, Garance Dore) chronicling the daily uniforms of my school mates. It's already pushing 1,200 visits in just three days. Check out what we wear to class and how Filipino college kids dress like.

>>>WEDDING STYLE according to GQ

I've attended a beautiful wedding once, back in December 2009. The bride was a friend and all I could remember was how immaculate she looked, how handsome her husband was and how plain and awful I was.

The good thing about being a guy is that attending formal occassions call for minimal dressing. Unlike women who naturally fuss over the difference between way too similar looking shoes.

But then again, people like me who feel like looking--at least---presentable is a good sign of respect to others, dressing up for a wedding was a pretty difficult task.

Good thing GQ has a guide of looks one ought to wear on different summer weddings.

I especially like this laid-back, easy elegant look for a beach wedding. Knowing Philippine weather, this ensemble looks like a welcome call for sauna-like sweating. But of course, on a summer wedding, light weight materials are protocol. And we also must keep in mind that looking presentable is another rule. Check out more of GQ's well-styled looks for wedding guests this season.