Thursday, March 19, 2009



A dependable-emerging, brand for leather goods and handsome pair of jeans with Justin Timberlake as part of the creative team, sounds very interesting (to say the least).
But I have to disagree. Despite the efforts at William Rast to achieve Timberlake's "rock n' roll meets rat pack" feel, I think Johan and Marcella Lindeberg and Timberlake still lack that grasp on the inspiration. There were pieces that looked good (take for example a black suit on top of a denim long sleeved shirt) and leather numbers that were indeed lust-worthy. But for some reason, the William Rast line seemed to lack something. I do like the long shirts topped with flannel pieces and the leather jackets and vests-I mean they all look wonderful, but William Rast's (and the creative team behind the name) one-sided style seems to bore me. Justin Timberlake is wonderful, but like Balmain, if they keep doing these styles season after season, people will definitely get tired.
Yes, even if William Rast is new, I believe they should try to veer away from this style, this hipster, teenager style and try to approach a new aesthetics.
But I still love Timberlake.


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