Friday, December 9, 2011



15 Days 'till Christmas and THE EDGE brings you a special WEEKEND: 15 things to give, get and go with for the Holidays. 

For you, her, him, them and everyone else THE EDGE gentleman cares for. 

Let's get shoppin' gents!

>>> FOR THE COOL BOSS: Red Rooster Coffee Mill
Red Rooster's charming Coffee Mill @ Selectism
CHRISTMAS CHARMER: Your awesome boss will appreciate this gift, especially when he or she's madly fueled by caffeine. Those freshly roasted beans will get its proper grinding and wear better taste with something like Red Rooster's coffee mill. This one checks out all the boxes required for a great coffee-drinking experience, from the materials used, the look, not to mention a big, big chance of being awesomely promoted.

>>> FOR THE DANDY: Albam Pocket Squares
More designs here @ Swipelife

THE DANDY ESSENTIAL: English-made Albam turns Japanese clothes into pocket squares that are now, obviously, objects of desire by all dandies out there. Available in three designs, these tiny wonders give a touch of elegance and quirk to any plain old navy DB or one-button suit. While you're thinking of your best dandy bud, might as well buy yourself one.

>>> FOR THE LITTLE BOY: LEGO Volkswagen T1 Camper Van

TIME-CONSUMING BUT DEFINITELY ALL-REWARDING GIFT: Sure, it may consume lots of your time and it's no joke of a price ($100+), but there is nothing more rewarding for a kid than to build a Volkswagen T1 Camper out of specially-designed Lego pieces. It's more than just a toy, but actually a tedious yet fun lesson in patience, hardwork and assembling things together. Major sales talk aside and simply put, I'd love to have this for Christmas had I been ten years younger. 

Saturday, November 26, 2011



Weekends ought to be relaxing and to an extent, comparable to a cool shower that'll jumpstart a bright day. For this weekend, we're giving you just that: a shortlist of everything inspiring, from people profiles to the perfect Holiday shopping list, we've got you covered.
Welcome to THE WEEKEND gents, enjoy!

>>> Kick with the collab: Converse + Tenue de Nimes Indigo Chuck Taylor All Stars
This week's coolest kicks @HighSnobiety
WHAT'S THE HYPE? Three big countries worked on this one and the result is pure genius. Presenting the American classic, re-imagined by Amsterdam's Tenue de Nimes for the store's 3rd year anniversary. 50 pairs dyed by Japanese denim label, Momotaro and the Rampuya dyeing factory gave Converse's Chuck Taylor All-Stars a much covetable coat. Its "verging-on-the-beaten-up" look is actually quite simple, which makes the collaboration an instant hit. If this doesn't seal the deal yet, you'd be pleased to know that they're all hand-dyed and hand-numbered, just the way you like it. Selling starts today!

>>> The Distinct Series: Taylor Pemberton for The Men of Distinction Series by The Motley


WHY IT MATTERS: Men's Grooming specialist, The Motley has come up with short video profiles of distinct men who are considered movers and shakers of various industries in America and for this one, they present Designer and Creative Director, Taylor Pemberton. Pemberton is the man behind Cavaliler and Wantful, and he's just one among the many distinct men they've featured, who are all gutsy and brilliant enough to be men apart. Be inspired and check out what stories they have to share, all here

>>> Blog of the Week: The Book Cover Archive
They sure look great @TheBookCoverArchive
WE'RE JUDGING A BOOK BY ITS COVER? Actually it's more of appreciating a book for its cover. This is the cyber destination for bookies and design enthusiasts alike, for here is a stunning collection of the world's sleekest and most awesomely designed book covers all worth a space in a museum. From genius text-only designs to images that hold---most definitely, the key to understanding the book's story, this is a dream come true for people like me who'd not only love to write one someday, but also cause I simply love books. Drop by The Book Cover Archive and watch time fly by fast...Don't worry, it just might inspire you to pick up a new read for the week.

>>> The Want: DETAILS' Holiday Gift Guide

The coolest things you'd want this Holiday season, all courtesy of @DETAILS
WHY ARE WANTING THEM? From Prada's handsome headset down to a Rimowa suitcase filled to the brim with this season's finest sweaters, DETAILS magazine's December 2011 issue features 38 gifts for everyone that'll excite, delight and, for some of us, cry from all the pricey goodness. Well, it's best to check it out while we're weeks away from Christmas, cause you wouldn't want to be breaking down cause you just don't have anything. 

- Gerard

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


JEREMY RENNER, December 2012
"...I'd rather just not be popular" Jeremy Renner.
Click to see more photos plus, him breaking through glass DETAILS magazine

Seems quite the trend lately, giving much older men (and probably women too) the spotlight and it ain't so bad. Jeremy Renner, the Hurt Locker lead, Mission: Impossible--Ghost Protocol, The Avengers & The Bourne Legacy starring actor is now a bona fide movie star, who may be the biggest action star revelation we're seeing. 

For DETAILS December 2011-January 2012 issue, Renner covers the issue and looks stunning on the magazine's all gray cover. His profile, written by Adam Sachs, leads you into the world of the 40-year old actor and all the stories of his making-it-in-to-Hollywood. Check out why I'm placing lots of money on this one and what he says about Shia LaBeouf's Transformers gig.

- Gerard

Saturday, November 19, 2011



Get yourself studied on the "What matters" this weekend. From new tracks to download, styles to learn, reads to flip through and whole lots more, here's your shortlist guide to THE WEEKEND!

>>> Put on loop: Onra's Chinoiseries Pt. 2
BUT WHY?: Onra, the Paris-based hip hop beatmaker is a notorious man I'm glad to name drop once asked for song suggestions. No expert in music, but this one's got the best beats for all those occasions (parties, casual dinners, pounding the pavement and more). His sound, in general makes the word "swagger" an incredibly over-rated term with music that captures a certain cool you'd probably fail to understand. Hence we all settle with "Damn Onra's just soo cool."
No Matter What has put in my head a vision of a Dries Van Noten menswear collection and a 2 minute fashion show. It's that kind of cool. Genius.
He's an artist, I believe and I'm a fan. Chinoiseries Pt. 2 is, for me, a better series than his first one, just cause here he sounds tighter. I've included this exact song for my Salt Sunday Sounds and it's possibly the "sickest" I've heard in ages. 

OTHER TRACKS: Aside from this runway-ready track, Ms. Ho will remind you of a country song mixed in with lots of Chinese instruments that'll mellow down into just pure awesomeness. Warrior's Pride is another track to reserve patience for, as the build up, 20-30 seconds into the song, leads into a steady, head-bopping beat.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011



We're this close to ending 2011, but the great stuff just still keep on coming. Welcome November, gents with THE EDGE's STARTER.

>>> ICON: Leonardo DiCaprio

WHY HE'S LEGENDARY: Famous for movies that challenge the ordinary movie-goer's expectations, this actor is one of our greats: Leonardo DiCaprio has shown that having staying power, pure talent and taking acting seriously could get you to legendary heights. Never one to top bill a snooze of a film and DiCaprio has maintained---if not improved, a career that stands firmly on a true understanding of the art of acting. 
WORDS TO LIVE BY: I was always the kid in school who tried to get attention, not necessarily the class clown, but I'd do little unexpected performances.

The Steve McQueen edition @Selectism
WHY IT'S HOT: The Great Escape did influence today's culture, at least in the style department what with Steve McQueen looking all rugged and cool in his awesome antics in the 1963 film. Triumph takes its inspiration from the "German military BMW" that McQueen used for the movie, giving the Steve McQueen edition an awesome military green matte touch. I'm no expert in bikes (you could definitely tell), but this one looks most handsome I tell you from the others I've seen. The namesake also gives it an added muscle of a personality...1,100 units will be created and you better get yourself one soon.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011



GQ's "wait for it, it's gonna be...legendary" cover,  boots worth the hike, a bag I'm dreaming of as we speak and the art exhibit you'll want to visit.

The mid-week sandwich you'd gladly take a bite out of. Welcome to The Sandwich gents!

+ GQ hosts a musical of Survivors
The face, voice and the words of a generation.
Eminem for GQ November 2011
The November 2011 issue of GQ just might be my favorite of all time. While I'm still loving the October issue, hours ago GQ finally released its impressive portfolio of musical geniuses. From Eminem to Debbie Harry, Brandon Flowers to Erykah Badu, Lil Wayne to Keith Richards, their Entertainment issue of Vanity Fair proportions has successfully profiled a whopping 38 artists, all heavy hitters and names in the music industry. Read and brush up on some pop and music culture and history with this issue and ask yourself, why they're called The Survivors. Keep checking out their website as well to watch, read and listen to their interviews. But your best bet is to grab the copy. And did I mention how the cover is awesome?! Yes! It's fucking awesome. Definitely a book and a must-read for GQ, music and magazine fans.

+ The finest wash bag there Mulberry
Mulberry's Large Leather Wash Bag @finercut
My wash bag is a pretty Ralph Lauren one, a charming hand-me-down from my late stylish grandfather. If he handed me this done, I'd freak out. Not that my Ralph Lauren looks like trash (in fact, it's one of the prettiest things I've sene), but this Mulberry leather wash bag is just insanely chic. Their Scotchgrain luggage collection offers you this baby, made of fine leather in cognac and trimmed with a lighter brown strap. Divine is an understatement, fine as well. Had anyone given this to me as a present, I'd never take it out of its box. Too good to be a "wash bag". It's that beautiful. 

+ Inside birds' houses. Art by Lori Blados

Bedroom by Lori Blados @ Curated
Training in college always told us never to say "it's cute" after seeing an artwork. It's rude, it's shallow and most of all, no one should say things are cute. Well, that last part, you could save for other things, just not art. HOWEVER, when I saw the paintings by Lori Blados, it was the first thing that popped in my mind: "Oh how cute, birds have their own human-like houses." Now, I'm punching myself for that. Lori Blados' exhibition runs from September 30 to October 28 in Connecticut at Diane Birdsall gallery, featuring birds that are looking into bird houses that have human elements in them. Trippy to some of us, but it tells you something about reality and how, possibly, there could be other forms of reality we are all unaware of. That's my interpretation of it. But it's better for you to check them out on your own and study...Just don't say it's cute. 

+ Hike away in Visvim
visvim's Serra boots @ HighSnobiety
A hike usually requires more function than fashion, but we all have to thank the fashion gods up above, cause definitely somebody there loves us. Hikers and non-hikers behold the handsome, rough yet neat Serra boots by Visvim. Waxed cowhide uppers and Okayama denim detailing, plus a natural cork footbed, leather welt construction and all the signature visvim detailing, these goodies are great on and off a hike. Hikers, go test the fashionable footwear, cause it'll surely deliver. If you're more like me, I'll wear this for fashion. And fine, probably climb a mountain too...

- Gerard

Sunday, October 9, 2011



What matters now (and possibly for more months to come) are all here. 
THE EDGE is also paying its respects to one of the fashion world's most influential men.

+ STYLE: Ben Nordberg for The Block magazine

Part skater, part coolest kid on the block, Ben Nordberg does well for The Block magazine

Mandatory, I tell you for skaters to be cool. But young skater Ben Nordberg's spread for The Block magazine brings cool to a whole new level. Well, maybe I'm exaggerating, but it's really this cool. Aside from Nordberg's natural brooding looks and model-worthy frame, the styling is all laid-back, giving much emphasis to subtle prints, a little texture and awesome layers. Check out more of Nordberg's other photos and how The Block does Fall cool

+ MUSIC: Mayer Hawthorne's The Walk

Been a fan of Mayer Hawthorne since the day I learned of him. Now, his newest video for The Walk, off his album How Do You Do, reminds you of Mr. & Mrs. Smith. YouTubers might tell you it's far from the Brangelina blockbuster cause, apparently, Mayer Hawthorne and the sexy lady here are "bad shooters", but who the hell cares. The video's awesome, especially all the slow-mo portions. The song's all throwback and cool and is actually quite refreshing to listen to. Make sure you get yourselves a copy of How Do You Do and abuse all your "put on loop" buttons and options, cause this one's worth it. OH, and also drop by YouTube and look for the super smooth version of Just Ain't Gonna Work Out with the legendary Daryl Hall. 

+ DRINK: Hennessy X Theodor Tea Infuser  & Carafe by Mathieu Lehanneur
The collaboration @Viacomit
Two really big names mix together and you've got a for-sure pricey and perfect collaboration. Hennessy cognac meets tea by Theodor is possibly the most refreshing combination you've got waiting for your weekend, downtime sipping. To sweeten the deal, designer Mathieu Lehanneur lends his talent to design the sleek carafe and tea infuser as well. And before you complain about flavors, you've got four here. Now, you could complain about something...A thing this good comes in limited numbers. So better race everyone else to it.

+ THE STYLE LEGEND: Francesco Cominelli
Rest in Peace Francesco 
Vogue Hommes International editor and street style superhero, Francesco Cominelli has sadly passed away last October 7, 2011. Stylish man and incredibly talented Francesco has been most famous to outsiders thanks to his signature mixing and matching style, turning signature pieces into his own. Friend and photographer Jak and Jil blogger Tommy Ton captured the brilliant soul in all his handsome glory and it's best the world remembers him in such simple yet influential and moving photos. Rest in peace Francesco.

- Gerard