Sunday, April 26, 2009



It's the counter-part of your (everybody's) favorite pair, the white ones require you with little maintenance and not much hassle like pulling off, say, white jeans (actually).
Once I was afraid to dive into white jeans, but I am slowly easing my way into it by buying these fairly cheap but definitely lovely pair of Old Navy jeans in a light, light blue color that's this close to white.
The fear of white jeans is probably the fear of wearing khakis right. Khakis are actually mind-boggling puzzles that if not all of us get wrong, around ninety-eight percent of the time we get it all messed up.
Courtesy of DETAILS magazine, men are guided and are rest assured that wearing white jeans are actually possible.

CUT: Sure skinny jeans maybe good-looking for some folks, but DETAILS reminds us that the classic cuts are always better-reason why they're called classic. Stick to straight cut white jeans that are close to your legs that appear slim but at the same time has space enough to let your skin breathe.

STITCHING: It's as simple as this: NO BACK POCKET DESIGNS, PLEASE! Pick white jeans that are clean. The less detail the more it sides to perfection. REMEMBER that.

POCKETS: The basic five pocket pair is always good... with any pair of pants actually, except for cargo pants (which I doubt would be fashionable anytime soon).

COLOR: It's white for a reason. It SHOULD stay white no matter what. Stains or whatever on your jeans don't look appealing, AT ALL.

HOW TO WEAR IT: White jeans are (in my opinion) perceived difficult to pull off because it's just out of the ordinary. Most people-including myself, would choose five good looking jeans in blue, black or grey than one expensive white pair. But the truth is, white jeans are as flexible as its other brothers... pair it with a slim-fit polo shirt, a plain grey shirt and top it all off with a navy blue cardigan and you're all set.


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