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His blog The gaLUXie (click!) reads like your good old manual of luxury and style. Gerick Ortiz--fashion blogger and fashion disciple at heart, shares with THE EDGE his 10 RULES OF STYLE.
On bags, men with class, Nike Rainbow dunks and the secret to looking your best.

1. BE TRENDY BUT STICK WITH CLASSICS...Let's admit it, men's fashion is not as versatile as women's. Trends for men are limited and the cycle very short. I suggest, before you indulge in those trendy styles you spot on the runway and everywhere else, make sure you have a complete set of classic pieces:a well-tailored two-button suit---altered to your body's statistics, white crisp shirt, silk tie and lace-ups. With these, you are good to go.

2. BAGS, NOT JUST BEERS, ARE FOR MEN TOO..."Beers are for men as bags are for women" is a pretty stupid saying. Men are allowed to wear bags too! Don't just stuff all your necessities inside your pockets. It'll ruin your look. Bring a bag if you have much things to bring, preferably a good leather one. Invest in well made bags. You don't need a lot of cheap faux-leathers...instead invest on a big time one.

3. DOWN UNDER...Underwear---briefs, socks and undershirts, is essential to every human being. Men should have the freedom to choose between boxers of briefs. Personally I go for briefs because they look cleaner and more sophisticated. Briefs should always be black unless you're wearing white pants. Undershirts are least necessary, but if needed make sure the shirt is white. Socks should always match the color of your pants. White socks are for sports wear.

4. THE GOOD OLD BOTTOMS...Well made---customized even, jeans and less design-y are the best. Invest on them. Enough with the rugged look, worker and the back-pocket-designed pairs. Stick to the cuts well-suited for your body type. Most of the time slim-cut and/or straight ones are the best.

5. SHOES ARE MADE FOR EVERYTHING...Shoes are one of the most important parts of your wardrobe. It's a fashion offense to wear Nike rainbow dunks (least favorite look: L.A. hipster=skinny jeans, caps, Nike dunks). That is NOT urban fashion at all. Opt for sneakers like Chuck Taylors or Adidas' Adicolor. That's how far it goes. Trainers or running shoes are worn at the gym or for sports. Wearing leather shoes doesn't mean going back to your elementary, high school days. Or otherwise are reserved for formal occasions alone. Invest on good leather shoes that are casual.

6. ACCESSORIES NOT BLING BLING... A man's best accessory is a handsome watch. It should be one of the most well-invested items in your wardrobe. Since it's the only accessory men should wear---aside from their wedding rings (if ever), going all-out on it is mandatory. Watches are like underwear: never leave home without them. If the occasion calls for it, by all means do add cuff links and ties. Wallets should be bill-fold and leather. Belts should match your shoe color. Handkerchiefs must always be white and clean.

7. CLEANLINESS IS NEXT TO FASHIONABLE-NESS...Men must always be clean and hygienic. Learn the basics---cleanse, tone, moisturize, of facial care. Foot&Body spa would help you relax and stay clean. A clean haircut is always the best style. You could experiment with your hair by styling, but make sure it'd look clean. Choose the right cologne that works with your body. A stylish man always smells clean and fresh.

8. KEEP YOURSELF UPDATED...Check the internet or observe people for trends every chance you get. Update your look regularly. A man of sophistication and style is never dull nor boring so give people something to talk about sometimes. Experiment and always upgrade yourself. Change your style but never your good personality and strong character.

9. CLASSY IS NOT GAY...Being classy doesn't translate to being gay...that's stereotyping. Classy men have proper manners, breeding and etiquette. If you act way too rough it doesn't mean you truly are a means you're a primitive man. Warning though, class can never be bought nor taught. Find a way to be classy yourself...

10. THE KEY TO LOOKING YOUR BEST IS...Confidence. No matter how good you look or how stylish you are, you are nobody and no one will notice you if you're not confident at all.

(edited by Gerard Gotladera)

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