Saturday, June 27, 2009



Gucci is never subtle.
There is nothing subtle about Gucci's flashy-yet-chic look of ultimate luxury. If Bottega Veneta is all about discreet glamour, Gucci is the anti-thesis of just that. The sheen and the shine is all Gucci and for me, it's not tacky. Even if Frida Giannini's formula for the Gucci man consists of jacquard jackets, alligator shoes and huge leather bags made of the finest materials that scream rich, it's still not tacky or gaudy.
Giannini's Spring 2010 collection is geared towards sportswear or at least, had taken inspiration from sportswear. And still, she keeps her trademark---youthful luxury, in tack courtesy of the slim physique of her clothes and all the materials she uses.
I'd say this collection is better than her Fall 2009 one. Way better. And cleaner.



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