Saturday, June 27, 2009



The genius behind Salvatore Ferragamo---Massimiliano Giornetti, created one of Spring 2010's best (second to Dries Van Noten on my list). Everything is just as lush as, well, the best thing I could compare the collection to is chocolate. Fine, ultra expensive and heavenly chocolate. To a certain extent, this African-inspired collection strikes me as mature. Not mature old, but mature sophisticated, very grown up and quite put-together in an elegant, senor kind of way. What I love about this collection are the cream colored suits and the ensembles. Plus the unexpected warm colors like orange and yellow. I have a thing for colors and I sort of lean towards my style belief of "breaking" monochromatic outfits with bright pops of color. Which is why I loved the all black suit and trousers with the energetic yellow shirt. Lovely job.
P.S. I have been seeing so much transparency for menswear---if it's transparency really, like at Prada and then there were some too at Dries Van Noten I think.

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