Tuesday, June 2, 2009


BOTTEGA VENETA MARCO POLO LUGGAGE COLLECTIONYou just might want to give up all your monogrammed goods and those too-sporty-it's-boring bags after seeing this.The much awaited Bottega Veneta Marco Polo Luggage collection is available for fans of the most luxurious brand there is. In the best material and sporting one hot masculine color, this collection sure doesn't come cheap. With a price range that starts at $750 and ends at $3,780, you will surely remain inconspicuously chic and luxurious. During times like these, it's a smarter way to buy less, invest more than buy more and invest less. Don't you think it's just about time to give up those logos and trade them in for something more luxurious, classic and certainly worth your money?

(source: men.style.com)



  1. i love bottegas! but it wouldve been better if they made the luggages woven also. just like their signature design. its a luxury label for those who doesnt wanna show-off but slaps you in the face! hahaha

  2. EXACTLY! the woven ones are soooo feminine kasi e....but yeah....it's a subtle slap on the face...hahaha