Thursday, September 17, 2009



Olivia Wilde was babysat by Christopher Hitches. Richard Holbrooke and Peter Jennings were family friends. She is married to Italian royalty and has been known to take phone calls from Barack Obama. And the star of ‘House’ also happens to look, well, like THIS. So how’s a girl like her supposed to survive a career in Hollywood?

By Jason Gay

Olivia Wilde and i are going drinking. Yeah, that’s my plan. We’re going to the grungiest, scuzziest sticky-floor dive we can find, and we’re going to start with shots of J├Ąger, followed by tequila, some Jack, and three fingers of scotch. We’re going to shoot sloppy pool and play Galaga and persuade two burly Hells Angels on their Harleys to drive us to an In-N-Out Burger, where I’ll order the Double-Double and Olivia, a vegetarian, will have a veggie burger and maybe a few fries, because, you know, she’s drunk, and those fries are amazing. Then we’ll climb into the hills and scale the famous hollywood sign, where we’ll sit until sunrise on opposite sides of the giant H, and Olivia will grandly recall her adventures in show business before she throws up, as I hold her flowing brown hair.

(excerpt from GQ)

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