Thursday, October 22, 2009



Bryle Penamante is a loud, proud, stylish fashion kid set to teach his friends a thing or two about style . The University of Asia and the Pacific student shares with THE EDGE his secrets to looking good, staying smart and most of all doing his best not to be hunted down by Martians.

1.) Be hygienic. Hygiene is the very first thing you have to consider when you want to be stylish. It's embarassing to reek when you're in Burberry or Hermes.

2.) Fit. Fit is the pillar of style. If a garment does not fit you well, try another one.

3.) Attitude. Wear your Ermenegildo Zegnas with attitude. Always remember that whatever you put on would definitely work once you wear your personality.

4.) Time. Time is gold. And you should invest your gold on a timeless watch. It is the quintessential of a classy and stylish man.

5.) Invest. Do not just invest your money in the bank or on the business. Investing on pieces with a timeless appeal and good quality is just as good.

6.) Keep it simple. Avoid having too many elements in your outfit. Do not combine prints, graphics, studs, buttons, etc., into one outfit because if you do, Martians are bound to get you.

7.) Reinvent. Don't be boring. Try other trends. It might also work for you.

8.) Dunk it. It's okay to wear Nike dunks or high cut shoes (like those of Kanye West's for Louis Vuitton ). But please don't wear it with bling or with fitted caps. Remember you're Justin Timberlake not Justin Beiber.

9.) Smile. Don't forget to smile. If your teeth aren't that nice, go to the dentist. But if you have pearly whites, be proud and show it to the world.

10.) Read. Read, read and read. Learning is a never-ending process. I'm certain that you don't want to end up being someone who has style and zero brains to go with it.

edited by Gerard Gotladera

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