Monday, November 2, 2009


I had been longing to sport boots for quite some time now. I mentioned my desire to wear it to a friend and he felt a little doubtful about it, for I never seem like the boot kind.

I also have another friend (Bryle Penamante) who understands my liking of it. Boots have that appeal and sends out a subtle statement of rebellion. And to me that's very attractive. The ones I have in mind are the round-toe, rugged kind that would either come in leather or canvas and would never reach the shins. One of these days, I will wheel (and will) myself to head off to some army store to get my own pair of canvas boots, especially now when suddenly EVERYBODY wears boat shoes and discovered that loafers are actually manly, not gay (suckers came sooo late). And for people like me who think boots are actually cool instead of trying-hard, The Palladium Boots are pairs that fit the best qualities of trusty, stylish, timeless footwear. For a price range that fits a healthy budget ($55-85) these lightweight and cool pairs are worthy of some heavy wearing. Of course, these ones would be best when the colder climate embraces Manila, and they'd also be smart footwear for rainy seasons, but to me, I'd wear them to bed (I'm kidding). If I could own a pair, I'd wear them to pieces. DAMN ARE THESE SHOES HANDSOME!

P.S. To my friend Bryle, I think we found the PERFECT pairs.

source: GQ


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