Friday, December 18, 2009

RIHANNA on GQ January 2010

Riri goes topless and clad in a pair of Balmain leather shorts for the January 2010 cover and issue of GQ.
She talks about Chris Brown, her new album and all other "important" things...
I've personally lost interest in Rihanna...Especially after all the hype about her and Chris Brown and how she tried to go back to him.
What I don't get though is how come GQ always has to put these half-naked women on the cover? Last January it was Jennifer Aniston. Now it's Rihanna. Don't get me wrong...she's hot and all, but I'm just tired of looking at half-naked women. And half-naked men...(laughs).
I know that it's a men's magazine and all, but aren't we a little fed up? Or maybe because I'm not much of a fan of nudity.
But inside, I could see a lot of potentially good even reads something like "The 18 friends that ruined Facebook"...
That's what I love about men's magazine...they have humor and they're more intriguing---for me, than women's magazines.

source: GQ


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