Friday, March 19, 2010


DETAILS' 10 Best-Dressed Murderers of All Time

DETAILS' (click!)online home featured an entry, under it's "Critical Eye" column---which talks about culture and trends--- titled " Killer Style: The 10 Best-Dressed Murderers of All Time".

Obviously, you'd click on it, because it's so scandalous, so obscene yet strangely appealing and to be young and so-now about it, it's cool.
I found this book in Fully Booked, here in Manila, which was incredibly cheap that featured the world's greatest crimes. Well, actually, the world's most famous serial killers and mass murderers. True Crimes: Serial Killers & Mass Murderers by Joyce Robins and Peter Arnold introduced to me people like Henri Girard, Vlad the Impaler, the famous Andrei Chikatilo, Jack the Ripper, and of course, Al Capone. I really value this book because it's a piece of history and it feeds my frustrations of studying forensics or being some kind of detective. Fortunately and unfortunately, the closest I've gotten to being one is doing a thesis on Fitzgerald.

And the moment I saw this feature, I knew I had to share it to readers. Morals aside, let's entertain some fairly shallow whims and study DETAILS' list of the best-dressed criminals of all time. I personally find The Night Stalker (Richard Ramirez), The Casanova Killer (Paul John Knowles) and Clyde Barrow, stylish and interesting people.

Again, don't think that I'm for such violence---I'm actually very afraid of these people once you study their motivations and their crimes--- I'm just intrigued by the combination of history, psychology, sociology and fashion that is coolly present in DETAILS' feature.
Read up on it and find out for yourself why it's worth your time.


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