Thursday, March 18, 2010

SHIA LaBEOUF on GQ April 2010

No more to TRANSFORMERS for Shia LaBeouf, April 2010's cover boy for GQ.
In his latest movie, the Wall Street sequel, LaBeouf plays a character that I assume demands more from him than mere screaming and funny antics. I haven't seen the first installment, but from the looks of it, this movie is awfully more serious than TRANSFORMERS or any of LaBeouf's movies.
And what makes this issue all the more interesting is how LaBeouf looks in the photos. Pretty much Old Hollywood...(I'm sorry for being so nostalgic for a time I've never been able to experience. I just find it cooler this way).
I never knew he was dating Carey that's a cool couple.

source: GQ


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