Tuesday, June 8, 2010


The Hermes Clipper Automatic Chronograph, delivers for every occasion and performs for all different lifestyles. It's got the looks of an all year-round and seasonless timepiece with the utility to go heavy-duty or simple and elegant.
Attending important business meetings with a black version of this strapped around your wrist could actually stand tie-less or even suitless (that is, if you're really that important). Heading down the beach to catch the sunset with a loved one would take your simple white button down and khakis to a whole, new chic level with an Hermes orange version of it.
The moment I saw it I could only compare it to a classic novel and how it's relevant in all times and all occassions.
The perfect father's day gift, wouldn't you agree? And if you are a father yourself, invest in one. That is, if you're deserving of it.

source: Swipelife



  1. Man, I love Hermes orange. It's the other neutral. It's a color that goes great with salt water.

    Thx for checking the blog -- you're right, the game never ends, but the music loop is so cool one doesn't really mind. Hit the space bar at the cow, you can pet his nose. I still think there's a way to animate the guy's wife, but I haven't figured it out yet. Did you get to the cemetary? And yes, that is a random MadMen reference. Big fan. The grays and the squareness in the game visuals just remind me of Sterling, and I'm having trouble waiting for the new season to start.

  2. Hey Christina!
    Just got back from a trip. Anyway, I love Hermes Orange and it's the only orange that's acceptable.

    Yes, I've been to the cemetary, and had met the cow...and I think I've had around 4 endings? That lady in the elevator creeps me out and she keeps telling me I have one step more to go...something like that. hahaha...
    I like your blog. It's so interesting and tempting to call it "random" but there's a certain consistency about your seemingly "random" posts.
    Is grey your favorite color? (now that's a random question)