Monday, July 19, 2010

A Brazilian in AmericaAren't we all going crazy over the stars and stripes of recent style? Robert Pattinson walks out of restaurants wearing his button downs open to reveal comfy grainy v-necks, channeling (according to GQ) Paul Newman elegance. JFK's influence still smooths over so much of today's cool essentials: boat shoes, khaki trousers, Converse sneakers. And who would not agree that the ultimate in comfort is a breezy, plain white tee? The stylish dress it up and down and all come out as impeccably good-looking men (and women). If there has been any time in our age that the world of fashion bowed down to great American style, it must be this season.
DETAILS magazine's June/July issue did it best, putting Americana as the theme of their issue with great stills from Anthony Cotsifas, great style picks from preppy classics to surfer-inspired garb to a truly All-American actor for a cover (Bradley Cooper). Editor Daniel Peres sums the season up perfectly saying "Never before has being 'dressed like Americans' been such a badge of honor." Most collections for 2010 did pick up on the utility and relaxed elegance of masculine American style. This is great for people like me who believe that style is all about a balance between looking good and feeling good. My cool cousins up in Tennessee take to worn-in Birkenstocks, faded, vintage-looking boot cut jeans and t-shirts that come in maroon, grey and white and they always look so relaxed and casual but never frumpy or disheveled. My late grandfather whom I credit most of my style know-how to has Ralph Lauren basics stacked up in all different colors, much like his son, Uncle Ed (who happens to be the father of my Southern cousins). It sort of runs in the family that despite our purely Filipino heritage, we admire and naturally dress for stylish American comfort.

Since the clothes have all been Americanized, editorials of late too dive deep into American fashion. Most interesting would probably be the rise of the handsome stunner, Arthur Sales, who's Brazilian blood and looks, somehow mesh perfectly with denim shirts and plaid pieces. Sales has been in demand this season, walking for a huge number of designers like DSquared2, Dolce & Gabbana, Corneliani, Armani and booking big campaigns like American Eagle. I've always been pretty amazed by these Brazilian models and I owe that to how Manila treats them. Here it's all Brazilian madness when it comes to campaigns and magazine covers. But what makes all these photos season favorites---aside from a new favorite model---are the colors, the clothes and the superb tribute to the elegance of Great America. photos: American Eagle ad (above) and Dean Isidro's Shoot with Sales (opening and middle image) from Male Model Scene

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