Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Frank Muytjens of J. Crew

Ever wondered where all these urban Americana wear comes from?
Cause you know what Ralph Lauren's cooking, you know what Tommy's doing and you also know what the GAP has in store for us all...Plus there's Michael Bastian you're looking at or a Michael Kors' suit you're thinking about buying. If you're still clueless in your search for that perfect, timeless, rugged American style, you probably haven't heard of J. Crew (and it's impossible).

It's one of today's most wanted brands on the list of all style savvy men who value quality clothes and are, at the same time, not so keen on spending a thousand over a pair of pants. The man responsible for the revamp of the old brand is Frank Muytjens. The designer is a brilliant craftsman who understands today's masculine sartorial needs and wants. Men are sensible creatures who'd rather have it easy than overtly dressed without sacrificing the handsome appeal of a well-dressed guy. And Muytjens does the best job at creating clothes that tend to these specifications. Check out a short write up of the designer at Esquire and after that, pay a visit to J.Crew's website and trust me, you'd find yourself clicking for more than three hours over the best clothes.


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