Friday, September 10, 2010

JON HAMM for DETAILS October 2010
DETAILS' October 2010 issue: Hamm in Giorgio Armani

Mr. Draper would like to take you in now...
It's too bad that I've been busy to let the last two seasons of Mad Men pass me, I ought to devote a day of Mad Men marathon.
Aside from all the sleek admen and sexy women of the series---not to mention the brilliant story, you simply could not have such a big success without Jon Hamm, the tall and handsome man behind the now legendary Donald Drapper. He has proven that old school masculine cool is back with an elegant vengeance.
For DETAILS' October 2010 issue, Jon Hamm goes paired-down and slightly more relaxed than his too polished, painfully cool counterpart, Draper. Photographed by Norman Jean Roy and dressed by J. Crew, Giorgio Armani and Louis Vuitton (among other ensembles), the October issue---for me---could possibly be better than its September one.
On newsstands next week.


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