Sunday, September 12, 2010


It's way past bedtime and the streets are dead and all you could hear is The Clash ringing in your head on loop.

Meet Robert Geller's Spring 2011 adventure after the underground, rock appreciation party, where only bands of the 80s are played. After last night's thrill and the seven-pack smoking crowd of young blood wakes up to grab some caffeine, this is how they look: amazingly smart, relaxed, paired-down and very dapper rock. To me, it looked like J.D. Salinger singing The Bankrobber out on town. Or something Pete Doherty'd collage in his closet. You could say its angry, but angry at what? The world in the eyes of a Geller lad is all about having fun and getting high on all that good old London harmonies.

The masculine set of hues balance out the slouchy, soft pieces, which is one good point about this coherent collection. Fall's elegant deep wine makes a comeback along with current classics like olive and drab, the effortless camel, cream and sand, the topnotch gray, the timeless denim blue. Spring 2011 colors such as salmon, the omnipotent white and that brilliant kick of red all add up to one visually attractive collection. And if you think stopping at color is good enough, you're mistaken.

The coolest piece in this collection was a multi-pocketed, distressed gray cardigan. I have never laid eyes on something this utilitarian chic. When you pay attention to it, it awfully makes sense. The constant shift to all these military-inspired style should bring about awesome, refreshing hybrids and this cardigan gets an A for me. Another perfect look was the writer-for-Rolling Stone ensemble, made up of a knitted shawl-collared camel cardigan on top a pale blue (almost white) scoop neck shirt, tucked in chunky drab shorts wrapped in a luxurious, skinny brown belt. The trendiest look that came out was one that had all the current staples on it: olive parka, denim buttoned-up shirt, a thick sash worn as a belt in burnt caramel leather and treated skinny jeans, worn with double monk suede strap shoes. Others went for less elements with the same cool aloof feel that ties all the pieces together. It's that nonchalant mood that one suddenly felt hungry for after all such simple and vintage Americana dominating the world's collections.

Robert Geller did a fantastic job at evoking a generation's mood, one that has been balancing its style know-how from dipping on to too simple territory and over the top foolishness. The carefree, modish vibe of this Spring 2011 collection makes me want to unpack some weight, grow my hair a little longer and try to veer away from the James Dean comma we've all been having for quite some time. I'm this close to converting...

source: GQ


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