Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Young prodigy and one of the Philippines' top and most sought after photographers, BJ Pascual shares with THE EDGE, his 10 Rules of Style. Take from the photographer the best Manila-based designer suits, the old, storied appeal, color choices for both dress shoes and bags and the BEST advice he could give when it comes to our favorite pair of jeans.

The young photographer who's works have been published by top local publications

1.) Big watches are fantastic.

2.) Bracelets. Not less than 2 at a time.

3.) The older it (anything) looks, the better.

4.) Brown + Black = Perfection

5.) Have at least a pair of gray, black, brown and blue dress shoes.

6.) Same with bags. A PS1 in all the colors mentioned above and a Celine Cabas (the beige and black one)

7.) Most jeans look best and last longer when left unwashed. If it stinks, hang it in open air. If it still smells, then it's time to wash it.

8.) The softest basics from Alexander Wang and James Perse are essential in life.

9.) Three words: Distressed Leather Workboots.

10.) A Ziggy Savella suit.

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