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October 2010 and it's a brand new month for a brand new everything.
Check out THE EDGE's collection of great, super cool STARTER items, info and people for the next days ahead. Enjoy!

>>> Jon Hamm & other Great men
British GQ celebrates it's annual Men of the Year awards. Leading the pack are cover guys (and girl) Mad Men break-out star, Mr. Jon Hamm, always dashing and dapper in a dinner jacket and white bow tie, the awesome band, The Gorillaz and a year favorite, Gemma Arterton as Woman of the Year. Other winners include Jason Statham who takes home the Editor's special award, Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick, Aaron Johnson chosen by Smirnoff as Most Stylish, Heston Blumenthal as Chef of the Year and James Corden as Comedian of 2010. To know more about other winners and winning content of this month's issue, get your copy of British GQ on newsstands now.

>>> The Return: The Jean Jacket
The return of the jean jacket has finally been accepted by people, even those who don't attend the snobby fashion weeks in Milan, New York and Paris. Cool guys and cool guy editors wear them and Jak and Jil and the Sartorialist are active proofs of that. Don't worry, you don't have to be an editor or a male model like Sean O. (below) to wear it. All you need is cold weather and a simple style. Do it the vintage way: white, round neck t-shirt, different wash of denim pants (so if your jacket is light, go for a dark pair of pants, and vise versa) and good pair of shoes like brown desert boots. Another chic option is to pair with trim khaki trousers, in any shade that feels and looks good. The best thing about a jean jacket, well, aside from it being the younger and less aggressive version of a leather jacket, is that it ages well and looks even better after being worn out year after year. The picture above shows you two Levi's jackets. You'll never guess which one's new and which one isn't. Tell me if you know the answer.

The Man in Black, in GQ UK October 2010

>>> Baddest Boy in Town
You're no stranger to supermodel Sean O'pry. In fact he's been featured here and just about everywhere for that face we all recognize. Well, this month, he's making the best and smartest magazine rounds that would certainly guarantee his reserved spot on top of the male model order. Currently number 2, but with appearances and spreads in Japanese VOGUE, British GQ (above) and DETAILS plus a cover for 7th Man Magazine, he's probably the baddest boy in town.

"Hair Organizer" by the Draplin Design Co.

>>> Old School Perfection
There's no school like the old school and old school, is all about the glossy slicked back hair. Now a days I would like to believe that the modern version of those 50s dos are shorter with less grime and shine (unless you're a model and that's called for in a show) in them and the perfect old school tool to shape your hair would be the handsomely simple and designed DDC "Hair Organizer". DDC stands for Draplin Design Co. The simplicity and the interesting text on it makes it pretty charming for me, instead of those plain black ones.

>>> The Ride
It's about time we featured a car here, right? Well, if it's as handsome as this 2010 Jaguar C-X75 we might as well just turn into a car blog (if only I had the perfect knowledge of them, why not). As a celebration of 7 amazing decades and 5 years of Jaguar design, the C-X75 promises top of the line style and performance. If I ramble on about engine specifications, it won't give this baby justice. Click here for the real deal on the C-X75. All I know is, no one would ever resist riding on this one. Stunning masculine elegance is all I could say.

>>> The Traveler's Companion
Of course it's a piece of art, look at that beauty: all that sleek, monochromatic color and streamline design is worthy of contemporary art status. But if you're the kind who's into all-in-one stuff, this Travelteq "Trip" Luggage does more than proper stowage inside your overhead compartment. It's a convertible luggage case that could turn into an actual chair. Apparently it promises you the comfort of working on the go (if you really want to sit down and bring out your laptop) and has a built-in stereo option, just in case you think your iPod's too, I don't know, personal.

>>> Ladies, Rock n Roll!
GQ's poll for the sexiest and most beautiful women of Rock n' Roll is a visual feast. From Blondie Debbie Harry, fierce Grace Jones, Stevie Nicks and Katy Perry, the women of the music's history are certainly ones to study. My favorite is the French beauty, Francoise Hardy (above) who's won the hearts of the biggest rockstar legends we know today: Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan and David Bowie. My vote's for her. Click here to vote for your favorite lady rocker.


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