Monday, November 1, 2010


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Welcome to November 2010. As most of the world's getting cooler, so are this month's freshest picks, from an awesome collaboration, a new mobster series down to a super male model's icy glare, it seems like we're all in for a cool month ahead.

Cool photography + Cool Clothes = Urban Industry's latest lookbook

>>> Urban London Calling
Check out British retailer, Urban Industry's freshest offerings of the coolest brands to hit their shelves. Their lookbook, which you can view here, is full of paired-down, masculine looks and pieces that would keep you warm in the chilliest days of the coming months but never too warm to reach that easy cool that brands like Stussy, Obey, HUF, Adidas x Ransom and others are notorious for. And of course, the moody photography helps too.

>>> One Tough (Expensive) Ride
Real bikers know what they're sitting on. And a real biker would most likely go beyond appreciation for purchasing the latest VMAX concept bike from Yamaha. Courtesy of French luxury house Hermes, the latest killer ride from Yamaha is easy on the eyes with all its chocolate, buffalo leather upholstery and brushed aluminum fixtures. To complete the whole elegant look, Yamaha would add in a matching Hermes helmet upon request. With looks and performance that's truly of prime quality, the price won't be as easy as a dream. Then again, a real biker knows a tough and good ride when he sees one.

What are you looking at? Ben Hill for ELLE men

>>> Ben Hill & the Cold Stare
Top model indeed, Ben Hill gives you the coldest handsome stare in a very military-inspired and awesome fatigued cover for Mexican ELLE's men's supplement. Aside from the perfect, minimal and pretty rugged cover, it's a good reason to grab a copy of Mexican ELLE (of course, if you're in a country that carries it) for your girl and also for you. Leaf through the glossy pages and get started on your fashion education this month.

>>> The Case for Boots
This month is yet another perfect opportunity to get hold of a pair of trusty boots that would soothe every style conundrum the modern man suffers from. For some reason, there are those days when even the shiniest shoes just couldn't pull off a look and thank God for creating all kinds of boots (and for the men who are responsible for making these, not just trendy, but testify to their style possibilities). For November, I highly recommend you get your feet kicking in these FEIT Moc Mid X Rays. As you can see the soles are transparent which gives perfect emphasis on the craftsmanship poured into such handsome pairs. You get to see all kinds of chic materials that are worth every shiny penny and the best part about this pair, well, aside from the fact that you could get them resoled when the original ones run their course, they look spanking good on almost every look. Yes, even with suits.

>>> You Are What You Read
GQ's controversial November 2010 issue is far more interesting than its glossy, sexy, Gleeky cover. Check out David Rakoff's short piece on Lit Life that candidly studies human behavior while on a train home. When commuters take with them their favorite reads, it says so much about the reader and sometimes, the opinions aren't that nice to hear. You might be as hooked as every intellectual reader is on Jonathan Franzen's Freedom (above) and if you're a lady, you're probably deep in on a page of Eat, Pray, Love, which Rakoff gamely tackles in his opinionated essay on what today's culture's take is on reading.

What's Nucky up to now? Check out Esquire for episode recaps and style reviews

>>> The New Clique
It's not that we're falling out with AMC favorite, Mad Men, it's just that we're taking a new interest in HBO's latest offering, Boardwalk Empire. If you find yourself referencing The Sopranos as a favorite series back then, Boardwalk Empire will probably give you a handsome reason to change just that. With Scorsese's genius behind the sleek series, this fresh spin on gangster TV has an amazing round of talented men (actors and writers) to keep its targeted patrons feeling and thinking. It's not just another cheating, drinking, killing, masculine thing, it's also quite a nominee for some deep emotional and intellectual study on these kinds of men. Not to mention their soon-to-be very influential 1920s style.

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