Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Ryan Kennedy going disheveled elegant with a look from J. Crew's Spring 2011 collection

The love affair with J. Crew won't be ending any time soon.
We all know that the state of the nation(s) lately has been towards classic American apparel---and will we ever tire of it? and it wouldn't surprise us if J. Crew's smooth, always crisp and clean rugged ways, especially in its Spring 2011 offering, would keep filling all our closets' needs for years and years more. Frank Muytjens has got Americana down good and it reassures us that what he does best will always be in store no matter what time of the year. Start marking your calendars as the megabrand begins replenishing their stock early 2011.
Again, congratulations J. Crew for a splendid job.


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