Wednesday, December 15, 2010


W Magazine January 2011

Stefano Tonchi's latest post at W magazine makes for quite a refreshing take on what the publication used to be.
He did mention, probably last October, that what he wanted was for the magazine to appeal to both genders and I say it works, cause I enjoyed reading the last one I had which was of Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams. Successfully, the W team managed to pull off a pretty tricky strategy and I say it's worth every penny.

For their first issue of the new year, red head Easy A star Emma Stone and TRON: Legacy leading man, Garrett Hedlund headline the magazine's selection of seven new talents who promise to make it big (and in some of their cases better) for 2011.

The moment this hits newsstands, around here, I'll get me a copy.
Check out the others featured on the issue here.


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