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Check out what THE EDGE's got for you this Holiday!
2010 ought to end with a good STARTER and this month, we've got you handsomely covered with just the right amount of ladies, looks, gadgets, reads and basically all that's hip and relevant now. From Rolling Stone's review of Kanye West's latest album, Olivia Wilde for TRON: Legacy to gift ideas to give yourself and your friends. Here's for head starting the week of the last day of a fantastic year. Enjoy and happy Holidays readers!

Made in its traditional style, the Henri Lloyd Culford Roll Knit sweater has more than just good looks to boot. It promises all the classic and dependable functions of a chunky knit sweater for all the cool instances of every season. Keep this one on top of your list not just cause it's in this season, but because this'll be one of your favorites in the near future.

There are so little good interiors magazines around the globe and apartamento is one among them. Selectism approves of its format and from the looks of it, this one will be quite a collector's item when (hopefully not) the rest of the world has forgotten about the magic, power and charm of printed works. But since I'm an advocate of keeping the real thing, if you're a design junkie, get your copy of apartamento's sixth issue and enjoy flipping through its pages.

Billy Reid, one of today's most prized designers shares with GQ his 10 essentials, things he most definitely couldn't do without. His 1998 Jeep Wrangler serves as their family's all-round vehicle and I'm sure it drives well into those fun, American road trips and adventures. Other essentials include jeans of his own design, a pocket knife, an LSU sweatshirt and other pretty telling things.

Brooklyn made wallets by Maxx & Unicorn Co. has got bills, credit cards, receipts and everything else that's worth the fold and keep neatly stuffed inside its awesome folded leather that promises to adjust to the bulk of all your treasured foldables and stay superslim while in your pocket. I do have to attest to not smiling about having a lumpy wallet and I think one from them in  a mustard or olive green would do my money problems well. The only thing they couldn't solve is the actual money, but hey, this one's good as gold. 

Amanda Griffin for ROGUE magazine December 2010-January 2011

You might as well roll your eyes and tell me to get over ROGUE magazine: Sorry. It's impossible to get over such an amazing work, especially when your magazine cover's of a beautiful lady like Amanda Griffin (photographed by master lensman Mark Nicdao and styled by editor LA Consing Lopez). The Philippines has ROGUE magazine to place on the international glass table of glossies and I'm thankful and glad to be working for them cause this is Filipino elegance, intelligence and quality at its finest. This month, it's not just Amanda Griffin that's eye-catching here, take a look at the other intriguing headlines that'll prove worthy of an entire day of reading, alone, with a pack of cigarettes and a good drink to keep your studying a pleasurable one.  Welcome to your ROGUE appreciation class and you'll surely enjoy.

Ever envied those handsome drinks they serve at swanky bars, restaurants and snobby cafes or juice places? Sure they say it's their quality ingredients or their exclusive, super secret recipes that keep their drinks a cut above the rest. I believe it takes a good juicer, mixer, drink machine whatever to rival those that sell for so much. Meet Breville Juice & Blend, the heavyweight machine that promises to deliver all your drink desires and wants like a pro. It's hard looks and expensive price tag are definitely factors to consider, but what it does and how it performs would win you over, especially when it could do your morning juices and your past midnight alcoholic treats like your own drink specialist. 

Olivia Wilde for DETAILS magazine December 2010

Olivia Wilde stars as the hot and sexy "cybervixen" Quorra as guide to, well, probably Garrett Hedlund's Sam Flynn, fitting into a tight rubber suit to keep faithful to expectations, requirements and all other masculine requests. That's not to say that she's out there for some unethical ogling, but it's part of TRON: LEGACY's story. Go and catch her this month as the movie screens sometime soon and also read about her candid interview for DETAILS magazine here

Men have great relationships with their kicks like most women do, it just might not show, but they do. And men appreciate hip things, new things but are always bound to get the classics in mind when shopping for a pair. Thanks to a swell collaboration between old school institution Florsheim and always fashion-bending and trend setting Duckie Brown men who are bothered by the question of now and timelessness has got their woes soothed chic. Check out the candy-colored renditions of timeless style staples like soft pink lace-ups, shiny two-toned spectators in quirky hues and brogues that are quite the attention grabbers. Here's for that shoe affair we all feared would never go calm again.

Noah Mills for French GQ

The rough and rowdy Mr. Noah Mills poses for the lenses of Barnaby Roper for a New York editorial under the elegant pages of French GQ. Stylist James Sleaford nails the perfect looks for a classic American winter that's all the craze this season. 

DETAILS magazine---just like all other magazines, has prescriptions of the most stylish things to get and give this Holiday. For their December issue, their editors have rounded up 71 (which is quite a charming number) gifts that are truly worth all the hype and money. What makes this portfolio better are the interesting polaroids shot by Lacey. Check out what DETAILS suggests for this season here

And I quote Rob Sheffield: "It's his best album, but it's more than that--- it's also a rockstar manifesto for a downsizing world. At a time when we all get hectored about lowering our expectations, surrendering our attention spans, settling for less, West wants us to demand more." If that's not enough to get you hooked, the other stellar artists featured in this album proves genre-bending and sky rocketing expectations indeed: Elton John, Bon Iver, Fergie and Chris Rock. The album art and the whole controversy about it's original one is also another "GO BUY" it verification of Kanye's power and talent. And if you're still thinking about what he said about Taylor Swift, start growing up and forget about Kanye West's quirks and just give his work the recognition it needs. I believe this will be pretty historic. 


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