Saturday, January 22, 2011


Philip Lim w/ models in his polished, superchic looks for Fall 2011
There is a certain slouch to the clothes of Philip Lim that I greatly associate with a timeless polish...The standard, I believe has always been tailored stiff, but there are looks like Chloe for the ladies and 3.1 Philip Lim for the gents that do so well with a relaxed dressy look. It's comfortable but far from sloppy, pressed chic but never too serious for life...

The pomade on the hair and the blank stares of the models probably summarize the air of 3.1 this fall, still part of the whole "resting" movement I'd love to call it happening this year in fashion. The calm chic of Lim came in looks that had rounded forms, like a mustard sweater worn with wrinkled, gartered trousers in navy blue and shiny black lace-ups and scrunched-up gloves (my favorite look of the collection, and one of the best of Paris Fashion Week so far) which provided a good lift at the start of the slideshow, when most of the looks were in dark colors. The jackets were must-haves: leather sleeved jackets, an iconic biker number, a well-angled baseball jacket in gray tweed looking more like a modern sports jacket, an oversized navy blue coat and simple one-button numbers all so practical, impeccably tailored and chic. Sweaters came in second all dressy but easy too wear, like the rest of the collection's pieces such as zip-up cardigans, white button downs and carrot trousers in various materials. 

Fall 2011 looks like the season of blue, but as Philip Lim's and other collections prove, yellow has a sweet spot during these colder times. As I've mentioned, the best look of the collection was of a mustard sweater and it pops the way it should be when the season has black, gray and brown as its color gods. It's not so much of an optimism, but a cool kick to sobriety. Another color so subtle it's almost impossible to tell, was a deep red, verging on brown almost that had spiked an all-navy look. Here, color does what it's supposed to do. It's that little whip that makes such a huge difference.

If there is a one word description that goes well with the 3.1 Philip Lim Fall 2011 look, it's superchic. If there are any more questions, ask the man himself...This is a good one he's done.


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