Tuesday, March 15, 2011


GQ April 2011
Photographed by Terry Richardson, Derek Jeter for GQ April 2011

Educate me, folks, for I have so little knowledge of baseball. And by that I mean little, as in not even an inch of it. But I am quite familiar with Derek Jeter, also because of the magazine he's lending his smile and baseball bat to. I've read of him sometime ago, it's pretty vague now, but this new issue of the magazine will definitely shed some light on my shady baseball knowledge. Jeter shares some of his stories to GQ's Seth Mnookin on the April 2011 issue, stories about his celebrity, something about the Yankees and his last few years.

It does sadden me a little that the cover isn't as attractive as the ones they've done before. Also the styling for Jeter is a shock for me. There is something about it that doesn't ring of GQ...Check out the photos and you'll see which photo I am talking about. Well, at least this photo's brilliant. And there's that black Louis Vuitton jacket to watch out for inside.

- Gerard

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