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Posting here on THE EDGE has been pretty rare, and to spike it up and make sure that readers are well-informed and entertained (not to mention to keep you guys coming), I've decided to update this blog with its first THE WEEKEND post, a shortlist of cool things worth the weekend (and more). What's great now is all here on THE WEEKEND.

Arthur Kulkov for GQ's Denim Guide
It's an Amen to jeans that are well-worn and kept for ages...Besides, if there's one thing I've been advocating for it's having a love affair with your clothes and seeing this wear it to a careless ease that new duds try to achieve. Sometimes though, you need to stock up on your denim pile just to widen your options. I'm liking GAP's 1969 in a skinny-fit they call the Dark Star. GAP's just right price and quality won't (ever) hurt your wallet. Drop by your favorite GAP store and get yourself a pair to wear with all those laid-back weekend pieces. Welcome a new pair you'll be loving for a long, long time. Not liking this? Check out GQ's guide for more

Tretron's "Nylite Canvas" tennis shoes @ Selectism

Take it easy in Tretron's Nylite Canvas tennis shoes, a pair so cool to look at it's impossible never to wear them even on weekdays. Roll up those jeans and go sockless out on the city. Take them to the beach with cotton shorts. Put them to the test on court in your bright, pop-colored Lacoste picques. Or lighten up the mood at a dressy dinner date in these and a lightweight suit, a crewneck shirt and well-cut chinos. I am telling you, the looks and the possibilities are boundless all thanks to a cool pair of tennis shoes.

Penfield's Spring/Summer Lookbook @ Swipelife
Sail away in Penfield's nautical, lightweight selections of outerwear, chinos, shorts and button-downs. My favorite is this cream and red jacket, something that will brighten up the sights at the serene seas, and nothing says youth, energy and chic with an awesome punch of red such as this one. There are more things to love that Penfield offers and they're all at Swipelife.


They aren't the freshest crop of songs you could download these days but I assure you they're good to keep on your playlist. Q-tip and Norah Jones' Life is Better is one of the smoothest tracks I've heard. Norah's calm, soulful voice blends well with Q-tip's real, awesome timing and phrasing and the two combined just makes life real better. Plan B I'm starting to like a lot and this one's already part of my "on-the-loop" tracks. Mayer Hawthorne, however, has got to be my biggest addiction this week. Relatively new, his chilling voice and his throwback style has got me wowed. Thin Moon is---if you don't know the man just yet, a good introduction to the world of bluesy, oldschool Hawthorne sound.

- Gerard

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