Friday, March 25, 2011



This weekend's shortlist of cool and awesome things to keep now and forever.

Eyebobs' Nudnik sunglasses @Blackbird / Selectism

Don't you agree that these pairs worn with a plain white-tee, some Levi's and those awesome loafers you could get from Bally translates to a really cool, downtowny vintage vibe? That's a summer/spring stunner right there. Eyebobs' Nudnik sunglasses is a throwback to retro cool made out of semi-rimless frames churned out of gun metal, temple arms molded and handmade from tough plastic. Change it up a bit with the sunnies for something more attractive but still as potent and chic as your Ray-Ban favorites.


Why eating the right stuff, as we all know, would do you great @DETAILS
Men are just as critical of looks as the women are. Reason why DETAILS magazine has banked on dermatologist and author of Forever Young to help out DETAILS readers get their eating habits straight for better skin and of course better shape. Which kinds of food to avoid, which ones to snack on and which kinds of drinks actually has some great benefits, check out on DETAILS' April issue.


Tommy Ton shoots the finest, most stylish men Paris this month has seen @ GQ
I'm coming down with a flu and a fever. The only cure? A plane ticket to Paris. Tommy Ton of JakandJil goes at it again, taking the coolest photos of the most stylish men Paris has seen this month. The colors, the absence of it and just the all over quiet searching and wandering for the next shows at the Paris Fashion Week collections has indeed been the look our generation has started falling in love with. Amazing style, amazing photos, amazing Paris. Now, where's my plane ticket again?

- Gerard

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