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April 2011 is here and we're pulling some serious matters instead of jokes April Foolers love to do. 

Get busy and active courtesy of Nike's latest collaboration with Undercover, bike around town in the coolest looking one we've seen and be sure to get perfectly Teed in a Salt exclusive shoot. 

All that plus many more things worth an entire month. Folks, no jokes here, welcome to April 2011.

Marlon Brando, the lips and the brooding face of a generation of rebels celebrates his birthday this month, on the 3rd. Despite the Godfather star's demise years ago, his legend continues on influencing style, culture and much of the artists we have today. 
Words from the wise says: Never confuse the size of your paycheck with the size of your talent. And we say amen. Check out his classic movies, ones featuring a younger version of him in A Streetcar Named Desire and On the Waterfront. 

Nike Zoom Structure 14+ Gyakusou by Undercover @HighSnobiety
Get geared for a month-long run into the streets with Nike's latest running collection with collaborater Undercover. For Spring 2011, the Nike Zoom Structure 14+ Gyakusou boasts high performance thanks to Nike's latest innovations. Undercover's design takes running shoes to a chicer, visually pleasing level with colorways that are just too cool for running. Either you go for the yellow and blue or the red and gray, it doesn't really matter, cause pounding the pavement in these kicks would do your running wardrobe lots of good. Cardio in style is an understatement. 

Fred Perry's Deck Jacket @ Swipelife
Braving the seas mindless of the month is part of the pleasure of sailing, I believe. But being mindless about one's health and of course, one's style is unacceptable. Always dandy, Fred Perry gets you suited up in a mustard deck jacket for those unexpected weather changes out in the sea. The color is fantastic, makes for a sporty cover up and is definitely brilliant against the azures of the water. 

ROGUE magazine's April 2011 issue
Always the stunner, the talented team behind Philippine glossy ROGUE magazine gives every other issue on April's newsstands a run for their money. And it's not just cause beautiful Valerie Weigmann (Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition contestant) is on the cover. Photographed by Mark Nicdao, styled by ROGUE style editor LA Consing Lopez and layout by head designer Miguel Lugtu are the most obvious powers behind this visual feast. But knowing ROGUE and knowing the people behind it, it's not a mere three-man team. ROGUE is a powerhouse of talents, all equally brilliant and that's the reason why the cover and their content are as heavy as buildings. Check out the magazine's first sports issue, tackling now super famous football team the Azkals, Manny Pacquiao's possible competition and basketball legend Michael Jordan's exclusive. All of that just for April. Imagine that. 

Tj Estrada and myself photographed by Lesley Choa in SM Boys' Teens Wear Department's shirts @ Salt
Summer in the Philippines is the exact definition of the word. It's hot, it's sticky and it'll test your wits. Great thing is that the country's biggest, most famous department store, SM, has its SM Boys' Teens Wear Department for perfect, cool shirts. Carrying different brands under one roof, SM Boys' Teens Wear has got everyone (everyone who can fit into their sizes) covered and fresh for Manila's t-shirt weather. Check out Salt for the photos styled by myself and one of my best friends, Tj Estrada, and the few selections (among the hundreds) available at SM Boys' Teens Wear Department and what SM has in store for all of you this summer. Clue? It involves a contest, a lookbook application and, yes, you've guessed it, a grand prize that even I would want to grab. 

Brooks + Pashley Le John Boultbee Bike @ Swipelife
City people know that the charm of having a bike means being able to glide through traffic and gridlock and at the same time, save up on money. Not to mention contribute to all green movements and making our world cleaner and healthier. That is, if you make sure you keep safe. I present to you a handsome bike by Brooks and Pashley Le John. The Boultbee Bike is a rejuvenated version of the company's 1930s classic the Guv'nor. Featuring a diamond shaped body, Brooks saddle, North Road handlebars and a Sturmey Archer rear wheel done up with 28 inch gold, it's a charming and masculine find. Like I always say, if only our city was safe , I'd bike myself around in this charmer. Check out more of the details on Swipelife

Parker Gregory for Hercules' Anniversary Issue @

HERCULES magazine celebrates their anniversary this month and their celebration involves casting today's most handsome faces for their issue. From the five stunning red covers to choose from, the best of old and new faces make for a wonderful collectors' item: Andres Velencoso Segura, Diego Fragoso, Travis Cannata, Parker Gregory and Emilio Flores. Inside the stories are well-styled and are photographed to an almost perfection, it'll be a mistake to miss out on such a handsome read. 

Timothy Goodman's desk @ from the desk of

If you're a big fan of personality blogs (well, this I have coined myself, meaning blogs that show personalities of streetstyle blogs) because of its whole purpose: showing people what other peoples are like. Voyeurism, Selectism puts it. Whatever word suits your mindset, a new blog that'll surely get you wasting time and also thinking of your own, shows desks of creatives: what their laptops are, which sweaters hang on their chairs, how many mugs they have on their desks. Basically shows you the desk and with it, an exploration of personality and character. from the desk of also includes interviews, which adds a brilliant layer to this blogging experience. Read up, cause after this post, I'm heading there. First seen on Selectism

- Gerard

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