Monday, May 16, 2011



New Haven Math Club by Christopher Bastin for Gant Rugger/ GQ

Never pick on a Mathlete, ever again. High School culture has taught you that a Mathlete is a weakling you could pummel for extra lunch money (and this could happen elsewhere outside the US), but mind you, these kids you pummel, or used to in our case, are now hailed as the stylish dudes behind Christopher Bastin's Pre-Fall 2011 collection for Gant Rugger.

Inspired by 60s Mathletes, the looks are crisp and clean but never prissy and prim. Navy trousers and navy blazers are basics worth your stock, while brown printed and tennis sweaters provide you some layering. A two-toned wind breaker is a favorite and topped over a plaid shirt looks exactly out of the preppy late 60s, and it's chic. There are more pieces from the collection like plain tees with the tiniest of prints on them and cool striped button downs that are great transition pieces from Spring to Fall.

True to Gant fashion, the collection is stripped off gimmicky things and therefore allows for a wearable collection and also fit for the test of time. I am loving every piece I am seeing, especially that it's casual and smart. Hopefully, there'll be more looks out of this collection cause I'd definitely want to see more. Congratulations Bastin for this, it's amazing. Not to mention genius!

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- Gerard

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