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Here's to the right of education.

Courtesy of DETAILS magazine, you are now entitled to the basic (and most of the time essential) knowledge on the ultimate summer staple...Khaki. The science of the Khaki/Chinos is right here, THE EDGE GUIDLINES and DETAILS will relate to you the technicalities of it.

1.) When it comes to COLOR stick to tones stone to tan. These are the best colors to work with since they're the only ones you'll have to wear when it comes to Chinos/Khakis. Faded ones are for outdoor, relaxed trips while the darker pairs are good enough for office wear just as long as they're neatly pressed.2.) Like most trousers, pants, you target and aim for perfect fitting ones that hit your ankle. When it bunches up too much around your ankle that you feel weighed down by it, obviously you're wearing the wrong length and bought the wrong size. Just remember, NEAT and TAILORED...not HEAVY DOWN THERE and UNTIDY.3.) Please, PLEASE (and that's me begging) avoid khakis with all those seven hundred pockets. Limit-and save yourself from fashion disaster, your pair to only FOUR pockets. Two on the sides and two at the back. See, the trick is, to make up for all those utility pockets and those extremely juvenille add ons, try a pair of Chinos with slanted pockets. That way, you're easily separated from the boys. You don't really need seven hundred pockets, seriously.

4.) To achieve a longer, leaner and more fashionable figure, take into deep consideration the fit and cut of the Chinos. Straight cut pairs are timeless...ten to twenty years from now, those straight cut pairs will still stay in style and investing on one is wise. A low rise, skinnier fit is now and modern. Which ever style you choose, make sure you avoid pleats and that both pairs skim your hips cleanly.
5.) When your Chinos contain nylon or rayon, they're not Chinos...1oo % Cotton should be the REAL material for REAL chinos.
6.) If you prefer your Chinos rolled up, always think that the cuffs should look both neat and effortless. Roll about an inch wide two to three times and scrunch them up until it looks naturally rolled up.

(source: DETAILS)


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