Saturday, March 28, 2009



What is as thin as 1/3 of an inch, reads much like a real book and is (insanely) $359?

Ladies and gentlemen, THE EDGE presents to you the second generation of Amazon Kindle (2), the latest wireless reading device Amazon offers. With 3G technology, you can have new books within reach in 60 seconds maximum WITHOUT a PC. If you're most likely tired of carrying around two-three books-hard bound or paper back, in your trusty old messenger bag, then this is the gadget for you. With 25 % longer battery life compared to the first generation, Amazon Kindle 2 can be used for days and days without having to recharge. And most likely you'll never get bored again with up 1,500 books that could be yours minus the bulk and weight. 245,000 books plus American and international blogs, newspapers and magazines available. New York Times' bestsellers sold at almost $10 unless marked otherwise.

The verdict? Amazon Kindle 2 is indeed a beautiful work of art-pretty much reminiscent of an iPod, but for $400 JUST to read lots of books? I'm afraid I'll just have to skip this and dream about as long as I could...

TIME magazine thinks it's pretty impractical and so do I.

(source:, TIME magazine)


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