Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Fall 2009 belongs to Miuccia Prada.
Her successful collections for Prada's womenswear and Miu Miu made her the World's Fashion Week's BEST contender, up against designers of her own league.
But with Prada menswear, she's indeed labeled Fall 2009 hers. With notes on survival and how exactly a man should dress: structured, dark, powerful and strong, menswear for Prada became a costume for the modern male warrior.
With the blacks, whites, the severe cuts and the painfully handsome detailing-such as a studded cardigans, the Prada man is how men should look and dress now.
I personally love these looks: the long, almost trench coat-like cardigans on top of plain, black, v-neck sweaters and trousers that fit perfectly, because it's a punch on the face (for fashion train wrecks that is) without screaming "PRADA" or "EXPENSIVE".
So, you do know that I am a PRADA man fan.


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