Monday, May 11, 2009


We still are madly in love with our favorite classics from Ray-Ban (the aviators and the wayfarers) and we're still allowed to keep them. But with a slew of cooler pairs of transparent sunglasses, you'll want to forget your classics for a while and try these ones on for size.

From the Upgrader, THE EDGE picks out 7 of the best-looking, outrageously priced but incredibly transparent and HOT new sunglasses you'll lust over for months and months to come.My personal, top of the list pick is the very first pair (above) that had won me over. And not only cause it's Balenciaga. The color, shape and the style of transparency is just perfect!

Balenciaga sunglasses ($385, above).For the risk-takers and men who have a soft spot of quirk, Linda Farrow Vintage ($300, left) makes you see through rose tinted glasses while Costalots by M. Costa ($204, right) paint your face in a whimsically darker shade.

Alexander McQueen ($360, left) and Adam Kimmel ($250, right) supply clear/white framed sunglasses that draw less attention to your sunglasses, but instead draws more attention to your shaded eyes. These ones are the most transparent pairs.
Since transparency is a new trend, it's good to ease yourself into it first. Get your first take on transparency through darker frames courtesy of Tom Ford ($360, left) and Louis Vuitton ($560, right).


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