Saturday, June 27, 2009



At some point, Tomas Maier's Spring 2010 Bottega Veneta collection could be seen as a sporty take on luxury.
On the other hand, it's all luxury treated roughly using jeans---that might cost you more than your trusty pair of Levi's, and accented by the models' hairs tossed everywhere. And then it could be something inspired by militaristic fashion. Or maybe it could be a tribute to summer beach tripping vacations, which would explain the tie-dyed scarves (that I like a lot). Whatever scene the collection conjures up in your mind, Bottega Veneta for Spring 2010 is young to a fault. It's fresh, subtly energetic and very youthful but at the same time luxurious and elegant. This wouldn't be Bottega Veneta if it weren't luxurious. Right?
It's all just a play on luxury and reflecting the fact that these times, it's the young who breathe luxury.

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