Monday, June 29, 2009



Lucas Ossendrijver and Alber Elbaz of the house of Lanvin made sure they won for Spring 2010.
This early into my review, I have to admit that Lanvin isn't my favorite Spring 2010 collection for menswear, but whatever statement it is that the house wants fashion people to experience, the duo made sure they got it good.
One word to describe the collection of Lanvin for Spring 2010 is humorous.
Humorous not funny, but humorous, smart, quirky, brimming with personality you can't quite put a finger on. This green, puff sleeved coat mixed with silk shorts was the highlight of the collection---Tim Blanks agrees, and this made for a wonderful sight. It seems like the concept of freedom---as reported by, is superimposed. That men, finally can dress up inspired by women, inspired by epochs past or take fashion seriously and still be light and masculine about it.
This Spring 2010, men of the house of Lanvin should be excited, eager, inspired and enthusiastic enough to wear clothes that require them to be.

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