Monday, June 29, 2009



A salute to Kris Van Assche is little to honor his efforts.
The last time I had been this interested in Dior Homme was when Heidi Slimane was still captain of the Dior ship. Now, Van Assche made me believe that you can't put a great designer down. His works for Dior Homme is superb.
All the lightness evident in the diaphanous sheets and sheets of the lightest of mesh, knits in the world. Menswear is turning sheer too now a days and I think it's fantastic for Spring.
The contrast of black and the softness of the cut and tailoring made a heavenly combination. The word "kimonolike"---rather the term, appeared twice already, one for Lanvin and one her Dior Homme. All these Japanese-inspired, feminine-like inspirations is making me wonder: are men really turning fashion forward?
Or it's just one of those trends that make menswear interesting.
I just love all this---as Tim Blanks writes, "pared-down athleticism" that goes into this discreetly sexy and cool collection.
Whatever is pared-down, I love.
But mind you, Dior Homme for Spring 2010 is pared-down with a sleekness and sharpness to it that only few people could do.
And one of them is Kris Van Assche.

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