Wednesday, July 1, 2009



To be very honest, I've never heard of Mihara Yasuhiro.
And it's quite embarrassing to say so. But now that I've learned of Yasuhiro---who specializes in shoes (which explains all the eccentric, cool-looking shoes in the collection), I'd have to be one secret admirer of his genius. Spring 2010 for Miharayasuhiro is all about Antoine de Saint-Exupery's life and his famous work The Little Prince. You may ask where is the fiction present in the collection?
Well, the color palette of sand (inspired by Saint-Exupery's days during World War I), outer space black, silvers, whites and a hint of red all point to the classic novel. Not to mention the accessories---to end the show Husam El Odeh recreated the Little Prince's crown in studded black, and the separates that would all make for cool Spring clothes. In the loose, soft but well-tailored ensembles of Yasuhiro, you could see a modern take on the fantastic journey of the prince to outer space.
Minus the story, the clothes exude a new brand of cool, sort of grunge-like appeal to it that makes the young and young at heart wish they were princes themselves too. A confidence and cool that is half-Parisian, half-Japanese makes for one covetable collection.
Those studded sandals, glittery tops and black cardigans are delectable to a fault.
I wish I was a prince too, wearing Miharayasuhiro heading out to a new planet in search of something...whatever it was the Little Prince was looking for.

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