Wednesday, July 1, 2009



The search for new freedom---as the designer of Costume National insists on, will never end.
What is behind all this journey to freedom? Ossendrijver at Lanvin think it's necessary. Are there any other menswear designers in search for liberty?
Whatever social matter that's driving these designers to freedom-hunting, it does them both ways: interesting and quite depressing.
Ennio Macasa (Costume National designer) thinks that the fashion world should make room for the new generation and freedom is the antidote to this. I think, his clothes for Spring 2010 are okay. Not outstanding. If he believes in freedom and giving the next generation something new, well his works aren't exactly satisfying this said "new generation's" needs. That is in my opinion. I found nothing quite refreshing with his dark, punk-ish collection.
What I do though want to point out is that Costume National for Spring 2010---this is going out of the context of the house's inspiration, is some sort of a twist to classic dressing for menswear. A twist that isn't new but is still very note-worthy. I may sound like I'm not buying the "freedom" angle on this one, but I loved the collection. I loved the first look that opened the show and all its cleanliness and looseness. I loved the colors. I especially adore the pants. Men should try experimenting with other cuts of trousers for a change. The shoes too are out of this world, military chic. I loved it.
If the story hadn't been brought up and editors and fashion enthusiasts were left to decide what prose Macasa was up to, then I'd think it would've been a better collection.



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