Wednesday, July 1, 2009



The epic proportions on the clothes of Stefano Pilati for Yves Saint Laurent Spring 2010 seems a little too feminine for me. The way-too-low scoop of the the collection's star item---the t-shirt, made me cringe. Not in pain or disgust, but of envy. It is stated in my book of fashion rules to never buy shirts that show more than my collar bones. But for Spring 2010, models of the show proved that wearing such low proportions is in fact masculine...and a little chic. But I'll still keep my rules. That is why my first impression of the collection died down into awe, as I clicked through the photos. It's the wonderous volume on the hips, arms, shoulders and legs that took the show to a whole new level. Yves Saint Lauren't menswear is indeed the master of proportion for me. And despite the seemingly feminine personality of Pilati's Spring 2010 efforts, it goes beyond cool, chic and effortlessly elegant. It's just painfully a basic on basic beauty painted in a new shade of cool and risen to an entire new level of menswear beauty. This is one of Spring 2010's best collections.



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