Thursday, July 2, 2009


Had all journalists thought of dressing up like the Spring 2010 Moschino man, then maybe people would start buying papers again.
Due to my lack of fashion experience and journalism, I still don't know why I associate this collection with British fashion aesthetics executed in an American classicism.
Maybe it's all the dandy in it. Well, the prints took the show away and if newspapers don't get their audience anymore, they should start thanking the people behind Moschino for bringing print to life.
What I love the best about the collection are those glasses. Those writer's glasses. I have got to have that!
This collection could be one of Spring 2010's freshest takes on menswear. The humorous prints, the cropped pants (not new though) and it's juxtaposition with wildly tailored trousers and button downs looks very clean and put together that makes it all fresh-looking for me. Also this sort of ode to the style of eras past: the hat, the old American feel to it. Great job.

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