Friday, July 3, 2009



There might be nobody in the world of fashion who wouldn't agree when I say that Givenchy for Spring 2010 is the best.
Personally, I still am a number one Dries Van Noten kid and that, the statement I just mentioned above came from a general, sort of universal perspective.
But really, have you seen Givenchy's Spring 2010 collection?
Ricardo Tisci is indeed today's king of elegant cool. His 36 piece collection reminded me of Karl Lagerfeld's Cruise 2010 collection. Not because they were synonymous in terms of aesthetics, inspiration or whatever. But simply because both Lagerfeld and Tisci won back the "beauty" in fashion. In THE LOOK I've been praying for beautiful clothes to turn up on the runway---clothes that reminded me of 2006-2007, and Lagerfeld and Tisci answered my prayers.
The stellar collection that took inspiration from a Moroccan journey of Tisci's "Latino boy"---that's the story he follows, the abrupt meeting of Tisci with the late and great Michael Jackson (he was supposed to make Michael Jackson's costume for his last tour) had taken on a grander, less novel effect on people like me. The collection appeared to be a handsome twist on sportswear. Givenchy's combination of shorts + leggings for menswear is still evident here and let me tell you, it's very wearable. Maybe not here in the Philippines, but somewhere else. Somewhere where the weather permits layering and cooler fashion. Anyway, it's sporty with punches of character and a sort of culture---courtesy of the interesting red prints. What made the collection the epitome of elegant cool is the styling: the loose shirts tailored to look breezy and at the same time austere, plus the trousers that came in lean cuts or balloon-like proportions punctuated with out-of-this-world fantastic gladiator sandals that were gilded was just enough to cause a fashion orgasm.
Had I been one more privileged person to sit front row at this show, I might be caught salivating over everything that stepped out on the runway.
The perfect casting of models from different races wearing the coolest things on Earth was marvelously inspiring. It made me want to
It was just fantastic, heavenly and sometimes ineffable, just seeing the stills online.
What I loved the best were the clean-looking suits and the star studded (literally star studded) shirts. It is indeed a new take on athleticism, elegance and menswear.
Who the hell says these things are insane-looking are truly less educated when it comes to fashion. Men really should ease their ways into looking more stylish, fashionable and more Givenchy Spring 2010.

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