Sunday, September 20, 2009



The Band of Outsiders' Spring 2010 collection is a dream come true for the young set of male fashion fiends.

What's not to love about a collection that offers, just about everything for the various types and kinds of young men around.
Shrunken jackets in all kinds---from double breasted to smart blazers, would take inches and pounds off any size of a man considering an instant slim down. Cuffed khakis to linen-looking trousers are still strong trends and they did the wonderful boat shoes (personally, I went crazy over these shoes) much needed attention and justice. Dyed ties and shirts were beach-ready and also pleasing to the quirkier kind of dresser, who has a penchant for pops of colors no matter what shade they're in. The beanies on the models' heads aren't always wearable by everybody---especially men who have short and round faces, were only good and handsome add-ons to an already relaxed and laid-back cool collection.
Scott Sternberg did the unthinkable: pairing a black nylon jacket with boat shoes. I never thought it would be possible and actually look right. Now it does. Despite the super chic and effortless appeal of Sternberg's pieces, his shoes (for me) took the show away.
And I thought Men's Spring Fashion Week was over for 2010. Thankfully, there are still designers like Scott Sternberg who save their handsome efforts for later consumption. Great, cool job. The main reason why I LOVE this collection---as P.S., is because I see myself actually wearing these things. Had I enough money, the entire collection would be in my closet...Minus the beanies and bonnets.



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