Sunday, September 20, 2009



Looking at the clothes of Thom Browne for Spring 2010 makes you wonder...what the hell has gone into Thom Browne's head?! Can men actually wear sequined black suits (Michael Jackson's version had smaller sequins) to work? Are men even allowed to sport nylon wraps around the waists, like they're channeling Balmain dresses with trains for men?

Bizarre it may seem with all the oddest of looks to show on a collection for men, there is something wonderfully humorous, exciting and even jaw-dropping to his offering. I don't even know where to start. A personal favorite of mine is his last look: a sequined ensemble with a sunglassed-helmet all in black. I couldn't breathe when I was looking at it, picturing myself as the model, sporting the weird, crazy-ass look that would---obviously, cost you more than your life. Whatever black wrap and net that's enveloping the model shouldn't be worn outside. Those lip lines drawn down the models' lips shouldn't be tried, even at the confines your home. And also, one shouldn't go about town sporting Browne's nylon wraps, simply because they look ridiculous.

But what's fascinating and quite energizing to Browne's collection is the easy access and surprising wearability to all the pieces he created. Strip these looks away from the models, hang them on handsome hangers and choose for yourself from a show that's brimming with looks that suits the tastes of the preppy old Americana type to the young, London quirky kind. For the prepsters, Browne has well-tailored cardigans with hyped up stripes of red and black, navy blue blazers piped with white lining and slightly peeked shoulders and also a faint red and white gingham shirt that will surely please the more conservative dresser. Browne has the sporty ones covered too with jersey pants in grey that pass for a luxurious, more rich version of sweat pants, rain-proof cover ups striped with the same sporty colors (red, white and black) and an interesting yellow---only associated and seen on traffic officers/enforcers, that came in a patent vest on supermodel Sean O'pry. For the artsy and more adventurous man---one who could afford to look silly to most for the sake of art, polka-dotted shirts and suits came in a bevy of clean colors like white and a grey so near to white it's beautiful. Also coats with cutout motifs ala 60s mod, that the women would be happy to borrow. His most fantastic pieces were of the questionably wearable sequined tops that looked manly enough to flirt with the idea of it, a camel coat highlighted by grey piping, a slim, semi-translucent parka in off white and his patent traffic yellow vest.

Aesthetics aside, these clothes are a hundred percent functional. The materials are right for Spring and Summer and Browne's painful eye for detail is praise-worthy. His collection is an offering that's truly one of the major highlights of Spring 2010. Whether or not you agree, Thom Browne is only having fun which makes his work all the more interesting. Not to mention a huge reason to smile about.


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