Saturday, October 3, 2009



Congratulations on a better and less tacky cover for GARAGE. I found the Piolo Pascual one cheesy and a (to be very blunt) sorry. I stopped buying the magazine after the Hideo Muraoka cover, just because I find them a little too trying-hard. Plus it doesn't help that they copied ELLE's layout. BUT, I have to applaud their efforts for appealing to the youth. And for a local magazine, it's pretty decent.
However, this cover---though better than the Piolo one, is lacking something. I don't like the backdrop color, the font colors. And I still don't like why they're sticking to that mock i-D font (the one which reads: "Jon Avila" and "Daniel Matsunaga"). For some reason, I remember seeing that kind of font on the British fashion magazine years before GARAGE came out. Well, I hope I'm wrong. I do like though what the Brazilian is wearing and it's good to see some NEW Brazilian dude is "covering" up for our magazines. Hmmm...But there is still something wrong.

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