Tuesday, November 3, 2009



On my dream list of watches to buy and invest on would be a Cartier and a Patek Philippe.
I'm no master when it comes to knowing all the names of their models, but what I do know is that this platinum ellipse ref. 5738p (damn these watches have so much names) by Patek Philippe is by far, one of the sleekest most handsome watches I have ever seen on a magazine (American Esquire, November 2009 to be exact). On the website of Patek Philippe it says that these models had been crafted from the 60s to the 80s and that this version has a larger format. And of course, a platinum case. The dial is made of different sorts of 18k gold and the case is made up of---not only platinum, sapphire-crystal glass and a satin finished back. It's 30 meters water resistant and the strap's navy alligator skin. A watch this good and legendary comes with a fitting price of $44,900 (in Philippine peso it would cost you a damn good car). Oh, to have all the money in the world.... And to go scuba-diving wearing this baby.


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