Saturday, November 14, 2009

Garrett Neff, Cory Bond, Nate Gill, Tanner Tillung & Grayson Gettys on VMAN

Never mind the bulges and the greasy bodies... And never mind if it strikes you somewhat gay. By now, I might have trained your eyes to Garrett Neff (one of my favorite models of all time) so you know who he is among these greased up models. It's all about getting pumped up and worked out as Terry Richardson---one of the best photographers in my opinion, shoots these young strapping men in very little clothes. Richardson is always all about the white walls, the sex and the subtle, subtle humor and I love it! Save for those bare bodies, these pieces are actually quite handsome...Take great note of all those shoes. They're all oh-so-cool. Especially that most of them are in white...



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