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THE BIG '09 (part 1)

Days before we all head into the BIG 10, CUTTING the EDGE invites friends, quotes famous people, right clicks on photos from the internet and will later on Tweet about the BIGGEST, BEST and probably MOST AWESOME things, people and events that have shaped the year that will soon be part of history.
Megan Fox talks sex, Michael Jackson's death and Manny Pacquiao's annoying guts, Gerard Gotladera (and along with other people) brings you 2009's highlights. Part 1 of 3....


One of the BIGGEST color trends of Fall 2009 was brown. Actually dark red. Or probably dark brown. Well, at some point it looks somewhat brick red, only with more brown. Whatever color you would want to call it, Fall 2009's color would be that delicious mix between a dark brown and a dark red (and it's most likely chocolate brown). From Bottega Veneta's chunky tweeds to Gucci's ultra-cool coats, these major collections looked incredibly delicious enough to eat THAN wear.
photos: GQ


"I really enjoy having sex, and that's offensive to some people. Women are the quickest to call other women sluts, which is sad. I haven't met a lot of men who've said, "You like having sex? What a dirty whore you are!". That's because they wish their wives or girlfriends would have more sex with them."

"I have the libido of a 15-year old boy. My sex drive is so high. I'd rather have sex with Brian all time than leave the house. He doesn't mind."

-Megan Fox

Alright, we get it Megan, you love doing it. You know sometimes it bothers me if she's really worth it. All the hype. But I have to admit, she's really the hottest woman 2009 has EVER seen. And no person would dare say otherwise.
photo: NY Post

I could go on for days and days telling people how I never was a huge MJ fan, but after his death and after seeing the documentary This Is It, there's really nothing much I could do but feel awful that he's gone. I cried like a little girl over the documentary and had never looked at Thriller the same way again (what a loser...I know). But seriously the fact that it would take incredibly long for the world to witness another one like him is painful, what more knowing that there'll only be one Michael Jackson and that the next generations will never have the privilage that we had. Looking pass his "freaky" experiences and all those bad impressions of him, MJ was a legend. He's more than an artist and it's probably why he's great...
photo: Topnews

KINGS of LEON: Artists of 2009
Laur Lim on K.O.L.

THE EDGE: Why do you think K.O.L. is 2009?
Laur: With K.O.L., the vocalist is throaty...And they appeal to both indie and mainstream music-exposed audiences.
T.E.: So it's all cause of the vocalist?
L: No, no, no... It's everything. The soul of the songs they make. I think it's very honest...And also bands like these have been popping up everywhere this year. It was the year of the bands. K.O.L. is one of the best among them. Also, with K.O.L. I believe that they weren't selling themselves like most pop singers. They were making music.
T.E.: So they're artists right? Not pop singers...
L: Yeah...and also not just entertainers.

- Laur Lim is a friend and a full blooded rocker chick who fuses fashion and music beautifully like it's natural for all ladies her age.
photo: HTZFM

DOUCHEness: EPIDEMIC of 2009
DETAILS magazine has been showing us all the signs of a douchebag since October of this year. You know them and most of them are famous: Jon Gosselin, Spencer Pratt, Hadyen Kho (well, with Dr. Kho, I'm a little iffy...and oh yeah only Filipinos would get this), Tiger Woods, the father of the Baloon Boy, Willie Revillame (Filipinos know him. Google his name. Well, not all Filipinos think he's a D-Bag...but I do.) and just a lot more. Why is it that being such a d-bag was bigger than Swine Flu? Well, I hope and pray that these d-bags would convert into better men in 2010. Cause I honestly, I do believe that some of them would grow up. To those men who stayed real men and had fought a decent fight, you guys deserve monuments. It's difficult to stay decent in times like these...
photo: Google

CHILD 44: Book of 2009
On a tiring flight from Tokyo to Detroit last May, the only book that mattered to me was Tom Rob Smith's masterpiece, Child 44. I failed at reading some lengthy classic and had instead flipped through the Russian crime thriller. My literature class would say that best-sellers don't make good reads because of so and so, but this novel more than a best-seller. If focuses on Russia's mysterious government workings (and crimes) and mixes that with some sick, demented twist. If you're exactly like me who's proud acing a quiz on the Romanovs and struggling to get halfway through Sir Conan Doyle's thick volume Sherlock Holmes, this book---and it's sequel, The Secret Speech should fill your book collection handsomely. Smart, moving and at its core, one old-fashioned love story Child 44 is probably the best fiction I've read for this year.
P.S. If you're still not convinced, they're turning this one into a movie. And I believe that once a book gets a movie offering, it's really, really good. And if you're still not convinced, look up Andrei Chikatilo. If you get hooked, interested or intrigued, rush to the nearest bookstore and prepare yourself for some gripping read.
photo: Shelflove

MANNY PACQUIAO: A Rant on the Philippine Champ
If you're Filipino and you're proud to be one, go and suck on some Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao glory. The latest news I've been hearing is that he's planning to bring Mayweather to court for libel and all that shit. Cross your fingers that their match would continue outside of court and inside the ring, because if Manny wins that, our country would go on a week-long holiday and celebrate. And I need that week-long holiday. Well, Manny is really one of the best athletes I have ever seen. I don't know much about boxing but I know that Pacman's head is as strong as his fists and that he's all quick and incredibly agile on the ring. Hands down, he's a legend when it comes to boxing. He's also one of the country's most insanely rich men and it's really insane. I do though have been one anti-Manny fan for a long time now. First off, I hate his guts. Sure no guts, no glory, but I'm assuming that applies to him inside the ring. He has the right amount of guts when it comes to boxing and that's good. But I hate how he thinks he can do everything: acting, singing, running for office...What the hell is next? He's already modeling for the love of Jesus. Have you seen his Head & Shoulders commercial? I might be ruining the pride and joy of our humble nation, but seriously, Manny Pacquiao is at his best inside that mother f-ing boxing ring. He should stay there for as long as he could and keep punching other people's faces until he gets to win some unknown island for a prize. We already have enough bad actors and annoying singers and crappy government officials. Can you please spare us from the shame Manny? And for the record, I don't buy this crap that he's some Filipino hero. It takes more than punching Mexican faces to actually be one.
No offense fellow countrymen.

TWITTER: A 133 character summary of Twitter's relevance to 2009
For a good 140 characters, this internet phenomenon will give you the power to say bullshit, make sense AND actually change the world...

THE PHILIPPINE TIMES: A Dateline of the country's most moving moments
---March 6, 2009...Pioneer master rapper Francis Magalona died at the age of 44 due to multipler organ failure. source: GMA news
---May 23, 2009...Charice Pempengco shared a stage with David Foster at his concert in Las Vegas. source: AMPED Asia
--- August 1, 2009... President Cory Aquino, icon of the Philippine's democracy passed away. source: GMA news
--- September 27, 2009... Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana) killed 73 and displaced 300,000. source: Inquirer
--- November 16, 2009... Manny Pacquiao's victory over Miguel Cotto. source: Philippine Star
--- November 22, 2009... Efren Penaflorida won the CNN Hero of the Year. source: GMA news
--- November 23, 2009... Maguindanao Massacre update of 30 deaths. source: ABS-CBN news

(parts 2 and 3 soon).

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