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THE BIG '09 (part 2)

For the second part of CUTTING the EDGE's year-end special, Gerard Gotladera takes great advice from The Dark Knight and The Terminator's Christian Bale on (you'll never guess) STARVING, copy pastes---with sources cited of course, one of the BEST articles on style and culture from GQ and crowns Joseph Gorden-Levitt as the Posterboy of 2009...

bow tie photo: Highsnobiety

I want my Preppy Style Back: The BEST article on Style (and Culture) of 2009

Taken from the article written by Will Welch from GQ's June 2009 issue:
"Now we have Vampire Weekend singing about madras while wearing...madras. Andre 3000 switched from P-Funkster to dandy in 2003? Six years later, Pharell Williams in bow ties and T.I. in rotating roster of sweaters in color of sherbet. And don't get me started on the designer crowd; during the last New York fashion week, grown men were walking around in tortoiseshell glasses, Pee-wee bow ties, braided belts, pants hemmed short of their ankles, and $300 boat shoes with no socks. In the middle of February. Yes, we here at GQ have been-and always will be-fond of classic American style, but this runway-palooza looked like it was taken over by an army of overgrown 12-year-olds in middle school uniforms."
Read more here----> GQ


Taken from GQ's June 2009 issue "A Nice Quiet Chat with Christian Bale". Written by Andrew Corsello & photographed by Terry Richardson

GQ: You once described what you did for The Machinist-starving off a third of your body- as "calming". Can you eleborate?

Christian Bale: I guess you just sort of have to focus on other...pleasures than food. So you focus on things of the mind. It really is almost mind control. And I found that very calming. Usually, you're getting nervous energy from what you're taking into your body. Since I wasn't putting anything in, I was left in a low-energy state. I didn't have the energy to sleep much at all, if that doesn't sound too strange. But that absence of energy was replaced with an ability to focus in a very slow and steady way for hours and hours. Physically, I was incredibly relaxed- I really didn't have a choice-but mentally very acute. It was very nice to be in that state while it lasted. My family enjoyed that one as well, after they got over the horror of looking at me.
photo: GQ

BOAT SHOES: Shoe of 2009
Forget about the boat shoe killings---even if some are still really, REALLY killing them, I believe in the power of a classic. These boat shoes from Sperry's Spring 2010 collection will certainly be on the top of my list of "to-buys" starting January 1. Everybody has fallen in love with these classic pairs and I tell you, even if they are being mutated, beaten up and lived in for an entire month (ehem, guilty), they'll never go out of style ever again.
photo: Selectism

Taken from DETAILS' September 2009 issue "You Want Fries With THat? The 25 Most Fulfilling Things To Order When You're in the Mood to indulge at the Drive-Thru" written by JJ Goode

" Don't ask why it comes with a straw. The Frosty is no milk shake but rather some sort of milky mutant ice cream that seems both liquid and solid through the last spoonful-or, as ardent fans prefer, the last dipped fry. Sure, there are new fancy flavors, but the subtly chocolaty original wins over even those who usually vote vanilla."

Seriously, I could eat this all week and never get sick of it. Or maybe I would, but the mere fact that I could stomach the biggest size they have (in our shores) just confirms how beautiful this desert is. There are those few treats that you spoon and feel amazingly comforted after and Wendy's' Frosty has got to be one of them.
Once in a while, eating something like this wouldn't hurt...really. Just run your life after eating the biggest one.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Heads Will Roll & Coldplay's Strawberry Swing: Videos of 2009
These two music videos are 2009's smartest, coolest and BEST videos. If you haven't seen these two yet...where the hell have you been for the past 12 months?
Watch videos here-----> The Yeah Yeahs & Coldplay

Barack Obama & The Recession

"We have a long way to go on our road to recovery but we are going the right way. Our measure of progress is the progress the American people see in their own lives. And until that progress is steady and solid; we're going to keep moving forward."

I LOVE YOU, MAN: Not just the movie

Bromance has been the most romantic relationship two straight and decent men could ever have. And 2009 has been the time of the bromance.
Check this blog out and analyze your current bromance/friendship.

Read here-----> JUST A GUY THING

JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT: The Posterboy for Geek Chic

His character on the pretty little movie (500) Days of Summer was probably the most 2009 character ever: he writes for sappy greeting cards, has some incredible knowledge of architecture, fell in love with Zoey Deschannel and listens to some of the "coolest" tracks ever. Undeniably written to cater today's sort of estranged youth, that little movie that did---I know it sounds odd, for me launched the charming and multi-talented Mr. Gordon-Levitt to geek chic posterboydom. 2009 paved the way for all the nerds and the outcasts (that aren't as emotional) to claim IThood over the once Hip-Hop, "dumb" kid-nominated pop culture. Sporting clear wayfarers and bow ties and all such 80s geeky fashion, every adolescent to twenty something something dude wanted to be smarter than the dean of Yale. NOW, everybody dreamed of reading something from more substantial than TIMES magazine or at least get their hands on that oh-so Japanice new book The Train Man. Everybody listens to intellectual songs and goes to watch intellectual movies. And by intellectual we mean those movies that never make it to cinemas and instead are shown to the intellectual crowd at the Cannes Film Festival (in short indie films). Chris Pine would've been a good geek chic posterboy, but he's too cool to be geek chic cool. Joseph Gordon-Levitt however fits the bill: he's thin, sings and acts the way the geeks and the nerds wish they'd act. To Joseph Gordon-Levitt, congratulations for being the anti-thesis of the old cool kid. He represents the new cool kid...

photo: GQ

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